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insightful sessions on life's passages: conception, pregnancy & birth, mothering/parenting, relationships

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Maha’s consulting style is based on an insightful emotional and spiritual guidance coupled with practical suggestions.

In the first part of your session with Maha, she will take time to listen to your sharing so that you can speak uninterrupted and with clear space to unravel your thoughts.

Maha has a skill in intuiting the deepest parts of your concerns and will guide you to come into your own truth. She will also make suggestions with ideas that will assist you to see your path more clearly.

Maha’s consulting style is gentle yet strong and her perceptions are sharp. This can help you to feel calmer, seen and heard so that you can make genuine changes that won’t compromise your integrity.

Maha believes that most people intuitively know what it is they need and she will be there to lovingly affirm your choices.

Her non judgemental style and intuitive observations have assisted many people to open awareness as they journey more deeply on their physical, spiritual and emotional path.


What kind of support are you seeking?

Conception issues, emotional and support support/guidance during pregnancy and birth, mothering/parenting guidance, relationship challenges?

Maha is available for...


Nutritional suggestions for conception, sexual issues, relationships, emotional blocks, intuitive release, meditation practise.

Pregnancy & Birth

Fear in birth, emotional support, spiritual understanding of birth, baby’s in utero experience, partnerships and relationships, past trauma in birth, pregnancy above 40, gaining clarity around the birth you desire.


Parental guidance, making intuitive choices, breastfeeding, teens, navigating your child’s behaviour, conscious parenting.


Relationship challenges, are you on same page with your partner, sexual issues, listening with intention for change, non violent communication techniques, negotiating without blame and judgement.

Maha Al Musa

praise for Maha's sessions

I had some fears and questions around birth and decided to contact Maha to try a one on one counselling session with her. Our meeting went beyond my expectations, she helped me to shift and transform my fears and guided me to find my confidence. Her knowledge on birth is vast and incredibly precious. She answered some very practical questions and brought me to find some spiritual answers for myself. I am so glad I could meet up with her a few times during my pregnancy and after giving birth. She been an amazing support for this beautiful transition of my life in becoming a mum. Many thanks.

- Jennifer

As someone who is trying to conceive in my 40’s we need role models like Maha! We don’t need the judgment and ignorance of so many in mainstream thinking. In my insight counseling with Maha, I found her kind energy to be timeless, full of loving wisdom and boundless. I felt safe and empowered! Through her work with me I know I will conceive.

She communicates such beautiful insights on what it means to be a woman and makes it applicable to our modern day culture, again, without judgment. Even through Skype, as we entered into a meditation and visualization, Maha’s positive support and counsel continued to resonate so powerfully.

I am so grateful for her work and heart, and for all the lives she has touched. Through Maha’s gifts, the world is a better place! Blessings and love.

- Sarah

I had lost my vision. I felt defeated by a lot of external factors. I felt as though I was battling my way through people, opinions and the system. Maha reminded me of my strength, my internal knowing and most importantly she reminded me to start asking for what I want rather than fighting off what I don't want. I feel as though my inner warrior was woken up and I feel ready to birth my baby.

I felt like I was glowing. I was ready. I was reborn.

Ever since I heard the first podcast with Maha, I was hooked. You can hear the truth in her voice, the sincerity in her tone. She speaks from such a powerful place. Her life and experiences have made her into the powerhouse that she is. I haven't stopped telling people about her. If you need a boost, a redirection, a calming voice to help guide you through whatever it is you're going through - birth, relationships etc, get in touch with Maha.

- Simone Macarounas, age 36, 33 weeks pregnant

I just wanted to share a part of my story. I reached out to Maha today after catching the end of her live video reading. To say I’ve been feeling down is an understatement. But I knew I haven’t been ok since having my daughter at GCUH last Wednesday 10th October by C Section. After successfully having home births and a free birth from all the work I had done on myself in the 21 years of being a mother and bringing 8 children into this world I was let down by my midwives and the hospital. Scaring me into choosing a C Section over labouring naturally and in my own time. They said all the things that would disempower me from my own body wisdom. They intellectualised birth instead or trusting my body and its wisdom to give birth. 

So after watching Maha’s live this morning I reached out and in one consultation she has taken the weight off my shoulders, the fog from my head and the mistrust from my heart and given me the power to trust myself, trust my experience and own my voice. 

I hope that I can help someone out there to trust and be empowered. Don’t listen to people’s opinions and planting doubt in your ability to birth. Trust your body trust the wisdom deep within you that you can birth once you feel that empowerment. 

Thank you Maha Al Musa for your heart. I can highly recommend your services.

- Topou Phillips

Let us be wild and free or demure and sexy and everything in between…

Let a woman just be a woman without rules…

Do not cage the spirit of the tiger or the grace of the deer…

When society tries to manage a woman’s full expression of her inner feminine knowing for pregnancy and birth, squeezing her life force into a box with a limited view, she cannot ever fully be free to open her heart and live from a place of self-reliance and exploration.

She will always be at the call and control of the other!

If there is any potent experience that brings a woman into her fullest awareness it is Mothering.

This stretches us to all capacities and opens our hearts into full bloom. It can also bring with it many challenges, questions, unresolved past trauma, a desire to feel everything and a willingness to grow.

Maha’s desire is to provide space so that women can express the full range of their emotional worlds without being labelled, compartmentalized, managed and numbed.

Women cannot give birth to themselves or another when they cannot express and paint a canvas where they flourish in their true nature.

Maha’s definition of self-inquiry is setting the intention to look into oneself in a compassionate way, to become aware of one’s imprints, conditionings, behavior through being witness and the player in the dance of our relating.

We compare ourselves to others and judge, and Maha wants every woman to know that each has a voice that is equally valuable and valid regardless of her birth experience.

more praise

Sitting with Maha and feeling held, open and strong was a divine gift that I wish every woman could also have. One hour felt like a lifetime as we went so deep into my emotional layers. Helping me to let go of them and let it be.

- Bron

Maha has a very professional, caring and understanding manner. Being around her provided me with a sense of healing and calmness. I felt empowered, confident and stronger moving forward.

- Julie

Maha, I met you a while before I was even pregnant with my second child. You were so fascinating to me and I was really drawn to hearing you speak and you resonated with me so much! Everything leading up to my daughter’s birth and before prepared me for this experience, the way birth should be and you were a huge influence. I want to let you know how much you are admired.

- Kerry Ann

My Skype session with Maha has been an amazing journey into the “Divine Feminine.” I have experienced our time together to be true prosperity. This is something that money can seldom buy. I am so happy that my daughters were in the periphery to “meet” you, as we spoke about Feminine Power and our own internal knowing and the Feminine Guidance System. Thank you for the time you spent with me! I wish I knew you when I was a little girl, so I could have had a role model for feminine power.

- Barbara R

packages & pricing

Each session is 75 mins (1 hour and 15 mins) long. ALL sessions are held via Skype. Available worldwide. The prices are in USD.

Skype username: mahaalmusa

After I receive your booking confirmation and payment, I will send you a request to add you to my Skype contacts.

Location: My time frame is based on Sydney, Australia time. If you don’t find a time suitable to your time zone while booking your session, drop me an email to arrange a time that will suit us both.

Email: info@mahaalmusa.com.

Additional info: Any extra sessions are negotiable. Ruby and Diamond Packages must be used within 6 and 10 weeks respectively after payment. If not used, they will be forfeited. Please read Maha’s Disclaimer here.


A single Skype session with Maha for 75 minutes.



/single session


Five sessions for 75 minutes each. Each session $99. To be used within 10 weeks.




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