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Insight Birth Consultations

Skype and In Person Counselling sessions covering conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and relationship issues.

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Maha's unique award winning Book and DVD Dance Of The Womb has sold worldwide reassuring thousands of pregnant women that they can birth with confidence.

Speaking Topics

Maha has more than 20 years experience in the birth world both locally and on the international stage speaking at conferences, events, webinars, podcasts and hospitals.

EmbodyBirth™ Teacher Training

Interested to host or sponsor a teacher training with Maha? Open to all birth professionals and associations who wish to learn ...
"I intrinsically know that it is vital we, as birth professionals, lovingly stand side by side with woman holding deep respect for HER expression with HER baby - we must endeavor to listen to women and support HER inner knowing. Infact maybe we can be guided by HER light and be illuminated by HER path".

Clients Counselling Testimonials

  • My Skype session with you has been an amazing journey into the "Divine Feminine." I have experiened our time together to be true prosperity. This is something that money can seldom buy. I am so happy that my daughters were in the periphery to " meet" you, as we spoke about Feminine Power and our own internal knowing and the Feminine Guidance System.. THANK YOU for the time you spent with me!!!!!! I wish I knew you when I was a little girl, so I could have had a role model for feminine power. <3
    - Barbara
  • "LOVE is Maha Al Musa . Words seem inadequate to describe the tremendous gifts of Maha Al Musa and what she embodies as a woman, mother, birth and breastfeeding advocate: and HUMAN SPIRIT. Her love for all humanity, especially women, runs so deep. Maha reawakens and reunites the sacred feminine for so many women who have been ripped from the source of who they really are. I have been inspired by this Goddess, teacher, and healer for many years, especially because she gave birth to her gorgeous baby girl in her 40’s and breastfed for 8 years! As someone who is trying to conceive in my 40’s we need role models like Maha! We don’t need the judgment and ignorance of so many in mainstream thinking. In my insight counseling with Maha, I found her kind energy to be timeless, full of loving wisdom and boundless. I felt safe and empowered! Through her work with me I know I will conceive. She communicates such beautiful insights on what it means to be a woman and makes it applicable to our modern day culture, again, without judgment. Even through Skype, as we entered into a meditation and visualization, Maha’s positive support and counsel continued to resonate so powerfully. I am so grateful for her work and heart, and for all the lives she has touched. Through Maha’s gifts, the world is a better place! Blessings and love." – Sarah
  • Sitting with Maha and feeling held, open and strong was a divine gift that I wish every woman could also have. One hour felt like a lifetime as we went so deep into my emotional layers. Helping me to let go of them and let it be.
    – Bron
  • Maha, I met you a while before I was even pregnant with my second child. You were so fascinating to me and I was really drawn to hearing you speak and you resonated with me so much! Everything leading up to my daughter's birth and before prepared me for this experience, the way birth should be and you were a huge influence. I want to let you know how much you are admired.
    – Kerry Ann
  • Maha has a very professional, caring and understanding manner. Being around her provided me with a sense of healing and calmness. I felt empowered, confident and stronger moving forward.
    – Julie

Worldwide Media Maha has been featured in

  • women day
  • RTL televesion
  • current affair
  • sunrise
  • discovery
  • inside story
  • cnn international
  • rock star birth magazine
  • as seen in cosmopolitan

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