Maha Al Musa - International Childbirth Educator, Author and Speaker

I welcome you with love!

How wonderful that we have found each other!

I warmly invite you into a world that encourages and inspires birthing women to return home to their inner knowing and trust in the beauty of their body's birthing wisdom. To remind you all that the ancient blueprint of birth is in your body as WOMB WISDOM! Remembering your sensual lineage, your sensual home as women. Come into the heart of birth and the heart of yourself as a woman.

My name is Maha Al Musa and I am an independent childbirth educator since 1997 and mother of three beautiful children, all born as nature intended. The last, my daughter, when I was 46 years of age in 2008 - a home water lotus birth. I breastfed her for 8 years and 3 months. I have walked the mothering path with purpose and with an open heart addressing the need for us all to be seen and heard on this sacred journey.

In our modern world, we are easily distracted by so many outside influences that it can be challenging to remain true to our authentic expression and inner knowing. My birth work and offerings restore the faith that a woman's body with her baby implicitly knows birth first and foremost.

I deeply honor this language of the feminine as a spiritual rite of passage by always supporting the principle that MOTHER and BABY are at the centre of the experience as the experts. I also intrinsically know that it is vital that birth professionals stand with women with a deep respect for HER expression with HER baby - we must endeavor to listen to women and support HER inner knowing. In fact I often say,

“Maybe we can be guided by her light and be illuminated by her path”.

Thank you for being here and may you dance to the rhythm of the music as you give birth to the rhythm of your body and the rhythm of life.

~ Mamaste

Maha's award winning book and DVD series
~ Dance of the Womb

A MUST HAVE for all pregnant women! The world's first book on the ancient art of bellydance for birth and a truly rare and inspiring DVD (now available as instant downloadable videos) perfect for all pregnant women and all professionals working with pregnant women.

Explore the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of belly dance as a prenatal exercise and process during labour. Maha’s DVD features a 45 minute dance/stretch warm up as well as six Bellydancebirth® dance technique chapters.

No previous dance experience necessary!

There is also an added BONUS feature of Maha’s home birth at 46 years of age, set against a background conversation with two wonderful midwives.

Dance of the Womb Full DVD with a Bonus Feature of Maha's Homebirth Film

Dance of the Womb endorsements by renowned birth luminaries

  • Maha and Dr Michel Odent
    “I read Maha’s book whilst in Rio during the carnivale. What a unique opportunity to realise that dance is the most archaic form of art! No wonder that Maha can associate belly dancing with an event that involves the most archaic structures of the human brain!” - Dr. Michel Odent, MD, author and internationally renowned obstetrician working extensively in the area of child birth research, water birth and natural birth since the 1960s.
  • Maha and Sheila Kitzinger
    “Maha Al Musa’s writing is rooted in her personal observation and understanding of Arab birth culture, for whom birth traditionally is a powerful dance, and in which women work with the pain. She interprets it to help women in childbirth. Maha, I love the way you write. It is so personal yet has universal significance.” - Sheila Kitzinger, author, anthropologist, natural birth advocator and mother of five., author, anthropologist, natural birth advocator and mother of five.
  • Maha and Dr Sarah Buckley
    "Dance of the Womb - BellyDance for Birth is a superb resource for pregnancy and birth helping to anchor us in our female body and to find the rhythm and power of our pelvis.Maha's delicious blend includes a simple guide to belly dance her timeless birthing wisdom and her own amazing journey as woman, mother and dancer. Highly recommended." - Dr. Sarah J. Buckley, GP, family physician, mother of four children born at home, internationally renowned expert on pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Dr Christiane Northrup
    “Your belly dance book and DVD are simply wonderful. I have mentioned them in the revised edition of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, which will be released in June 2010. You have done the world a huge service with this work. And the production values on the DVD are outstanding! Sincerely.” - Christiane Northrup, MD
  • Maha and Sheila Kitzinger
    "Maha Al Musa's descriptions of traditional Arab bellydancing in pregnancy and birth were inspiring - I have learnt a lot from her. The belly dance expresses the power of women to produce life. It is about connecting with the source of female sexuality. - Sheila Kitzinger, Birth & Sex: The Power and the Passion.

Maha has been featured in

  • Discovery Channel
  • CNN International
  • A Current Affair
  • Inside Story
  • Cosmopolitan
  • RTL Television
  • Sunrise7
  • Womans Day
  • Rockstar Birth Magazine

What is Maha up to?

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