Become an EmbodyBirth™ educator so that you can teach and share Maha’s almsot 3 decades of international, independent sacred birth teachings. Join this powerful holisitic birth movement that blends together birth philosophy, birth psychology, birth physiology and birth practise (BellydanceBirth) impacting the birth world globally.

The EmbodyBirth™ educator online certification training is an inspiring, unique and highly acclaimed program available for all midwives, doulas, birth workers, yoga teachers, mothers, and anyone who works within the maternal field or just wants to teach a wise, conscious, illuminated path for childbirth.

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Six Foundational BellydanceBirth® Tips You Can Embody for Pregnancy and Birth. For pregnant mums & birth workers. Includes fantastic offer of the BellydanceBirth® bundle for ONLY US$99

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Pregnancy online course

The EmbodyBirth™ Pregnancy & Birth Preparation Online Program (4 modules - 21 chapters) is open for purchase. It is for pregnant mums who want to dive deeper into their journey and who innately know that giving birth is meant to be a sacred, instinctual and embodied experience. And it is for birth keepers wanting to reframe birth's purpose and understand the journey from a sacred, wise lens to share with mums-to-be.
Note - For anyone wishing to receive certification as an EmbodyBirth™ educator this program is Part 1 of the complete online training.

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The EmbodyBirth™ Educator Certification Training is a self-paced fully delivered online training that consists of recorded videos, slideshows, meditations, activities and the full BellydanceBirth award winning video series created by Maha when she was 46 years of age and pregnant with her 3rd child.
This unique, rich online certification is for all birth professionals, doulas, midwives, Drs and all those whom work within the birth field, pregnant mums, mothers.

For everyone!

Come and be a part of the EmbodyBirth™ conscious birth movement. You will love it!
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Note - Maha is currently not teaching this 4 day in-person certifciation training . She has created it as a new online format and offering instead so please go to next section above that reads ONLINE CERTIFICATION to sign up.

The in-person EmbodyBirth™ Educator Certification Training is for birth professionals, those whom work in the maternal field, pregnant mums and anyone looking for an inspirational, wise childbirth education certification that places mothers and babies at centre.

The only in-person offering currently is Maha's one day workshop - An Introduction To EmbodyBirth™ and BellydanceBirth®. Email Maha to register your interest to be on data base for any upcoming one day workshops.

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I offer insightful 1-1 consult sessions on life’s passages: Relationships, Conception, Pregnancy & Birth and Mothering/Parenting.

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I’ve shared my perspective on birth as a spiritual practice and spoken worldwide at hospitals, conferences, events and seminars, webinars and podcasts.

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Shop my award winning resources for pregnancy and birth including my video series Dance Of The Womb and my hard copy or e book Dance Of The Womb.

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