Listen to Maha’s reflections on birthing- Honouring womb wisdom and the language of the feminine

You are invited into a world that encourages and inspires birthing women to return home to their own inner knowing and trusting in the beauty of their bodies birthing wisdom. Today we are distracted by so many outside influences around pregnancy birth and beyond that it can be challenging to remain true to one’s own authenticity and needs. I therefore honour the language of the feminine in this spiritual rite of passage and my offerings always support the principle that mother and baby are at the centre of the experience.

I also intrinsically know that it is vital that birth professionals stand with woman with deep respect for HER expression with HER baby – we must endeavour to listen to women and support HER inner knowing. In fact I often say “maybe we can be guided by her light and be illuminated by her path”.

Pregnancy and birth can be a time of growth awakening and self-inquiry – it can be a healing and a revelation into the deepest part of us as women. We go on a journey into the heart of who we are with our babies, partners, families and communities. We reveal ourselves to ourselves and we will never be the same after our experiences. I honour this journey for all women and babies and ask how different would the world look if the birth expression was truly cherished and valued as a portal to raise the consciousness of Love on this Planet? We have the potential and possibility to really align hearts and peace for all of Humanity.

If you are a Mother:

I offer one-on-one intuitive birth counselling Skype sessions available worldwide to explore everything related to the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of pregnancy, birth and beyond. I invite you to enter a space where you will be seen and heard within a loving and supportive place. An ear to hear your heart.

If you are a Birth Professional:

I offer my full certification Teacher Training package to become a somatic EmbodyBirth™ – The Ancient Art of Childbirth Preparation teacher and gain a lifelong business.

If you are a Conference Organiser:

I am available to speak at your next conference, event or seminar. You will find many speaker topics on the Speaker/Consultant menu with more being added.

If you are an Administrator of a Hospital or Birth Centre:

I am also available as a birth consultant to liaise with professional staff whom wish to understand birth from the feminine perspective and lay the foundations for this kind of care.

May you dance to the rhythm of the music as you give birth to the rhythm of your body and the rhythm of life.


~Maha Al Musa~