Pregnancy and childbirth are accompanied by mixed emotions such as joy, anticipation, doubt, and fear. In addition to these feelings, there is planning to do and decisions to make throughout your journey. You will need to consider your options and listen to your internal guidance. From time to time all these considerations may be stressful. 

You might feel as though you need an anchor, a shoulder to lean on. Doulas, and those who give non-medical support, have the beautiful position to become a totem pole of strength for pregnant mums-so-be. Their all-important job is to be a stable, protective presence for mothers in the natural unfolding of the pregnancy and birth journey. 

This non-medical support is a huge asset and can complement the medical support doctors and midwives give. Medics perform vaginal exams, ultrasounds, and fetal heart monitoring and doulas assist by deeply listening to guide you in making informed decisions as they give non-judgemental support and help you communicate your needs to those on your birthing team. 

If you are a pregnant mother and want emotional support during pregnancy and birth, here are a few more reasons as to why you may like to consider having a doula by your side during your journey.

A doula as birthing support implicitly knows your capability of giving birth. 

Birth doulas understand that pregnancy and birth are biologically normal events in a woman’s life and that within each woman is the natural ability to tap into their deepest strength during the birthing process. You may already know that you have this innate knowledge and with a doula’s loving support you can be reminded of your womb wisdom that is always available. No doubt it can cross every mother’s mind at different times as to whether or not she is able to give birth. This can be a normal thought process whether it’s a first baby or fifth. With the support of a doula and the knowledge that you will not be alone, you will feel great comfort and reassurance which is such a valuable offering.

A doula can help you understand what is happening during your labor and birth.

During labor, especially if it’s your first time giving birth, you can feel many sensations that are new. You might, from time to time, not understand what is happening. Further, if you can not fully express what’s happening, especially during a contraction, or expansion as I like to call them, or because your focus is on your breath, a doula will be able to gently communicate to you. She may do this via touch, gentle words, a loving look and this validates your feelings during each unfolding stage of labor.

A doula can help you positively adapt to the changes that can take place in pregnancy and birth.

When change occurs, a doula will help calm any panic that may arise and will help you work through it with ease and patience. She can offer you a sense of security and comfort. Without a doubt, it’s a great feeling knowing you will have someone by your side throughout your birth. No matter what decisions you make or how you choose to give birth, doulas will stand by you through it all. This sense of security can relieve stress which activates the hormone oxytocin, your other beneficial helper in childbirth. 

A doula provides a space to discuss anything and everything concerning birth.

It’s important to communicate with doctors and midwives, yet they cannot always be there for you emotionally. A doula provides you with companionship in your birth journey as she is there to talk about whatever may be on your mind. Doulas are trained, not only to provide non-judgmental support but to also provide any evidence-based information a mother needs about pregnancy and childbirth so she may make an informed decision. This is true even if the doula disagrees with any of the mother’s decisions. A doula’s personal needs, wants, or expectations aren’t the focus here as she centers her energy on mother and baby.

A doula can support you through fear, pain, and your birth rhythms.

With the support of a doula, a mother can feel secure enough to completely relax during rhythmic labor expansions. This is important because tension constricts the body physically, emotionally, and energetically and a surrendered birthing body will help you to embrace these rhythms rather than resist them. This process of embodying birth through the gateway of release brings relief and confidence into your experience.

A doula can be a guardian of birth to avoid unnecessary intervention. 

A doula can act as a mediator between everyone present during labor by helping your birth team understand the process, and more importantly, let them know every step of the way what your needs are. She is there to advocate for you and your baby in any situation where her facilitation skills are needed. Remember, a doula is not a medical professional nor do they want such a role. They are most enthusiastic about making sure you feel safe, secure, loved, and held in warmth where your decisions and choices are paramount. Doulas are, as I like to call them, a wise sisterly bond of support that inherently know what you as a mother with your baby want and need. It is their responsibility to uphold this at all times.

Women who choose to have a doula are more likely to avoid epidurals, avoid c-sections, have shorter labors, and have less difficult or painful labors. While medical care can sometimes be a necessity, non-medical doula support is paramount to an emotionally healthy birth experience for mother and baby.

Doulas are the experts in bringing birth home! Home to a mother’s heart, hands, womb, and wisdom so that all babies have the spiritual rite to be born into the arms of Love.



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