Dr Michel Odent - Maha Al Musa

Dr Michel Odent

Maha and Sheila Kitzinger
Sheila Kitzinger
June 5, 2017
Maha and Sheila Kitzinger
Sheila Kitzinger (Birth & Sex)
September 1, 2017
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Dr Michel Odent

Maha and Dr Michel Odent

“I read Maha’s book whilst in Rio during the carnivale. What a unique opportunity to realise that dance is the most archaic form of art! No wonder that Maha can associate belly dancing with an event that involves the most archaic structures of the human brain!”

– Dr. Michel Odent, MD, author and internationally renowned obstetrician working extensively in the area of child birth research, water birth and natural birth since the 1960s.

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