From an experience comes an internal understanding of the external world. That internal understanding can be the source of bearing witness to a spiritual testimony of life’s gifts.
For me my experience of as nature intended birthing opened parts of myself to feel a deep sense of what’s possible in the world. This sense unfolded as a channel for awakening rather than to harness a concept of what’s possible. Moving in to and through the portal of the birthing “now” moments – moment by moment – was my greatest teacher. We know life through our experiences. These experiences lie dormant until the opportunity is there to open the gates of our inner world. Some may call this consciousness – the unmet unfolding part of Self.
As women our birth experience can give us a beautiful opportunity to walk in the forest of abundance that speaks in rhythmic tones to play the music of our hearts. This can only truly occur when we have an understanding of the nature of the birth experience from the perspective of a mother / baby dyad. Where respect for a feminine language sourced from the senses is honored. We can intellectualize, rationalize and conceptualize the birth experience yet this doesn’t fully serve it’s highest potential in our lives because birth flows through the body mind heart spirit sense of that which is experienced.
When we look at the possibility of women knowing that as nature intended birthing can open us to a force that we with our babies can experience outside of a systematic measure of how it must be defined, we begin to look out at birth through a spiritual lens. What then begins to become possible from this expansive view are the elements of mystery, the unknown that plays within the experience. It is here that the language of the feminine speaks her truth and is given the space for these harmonics to play their tune. Here spontaneous and intuitive dance and movement weaves their threads and so a mother and baby she can experience from this timeless unfolding.
The way we view and honor birth from this feminine perspective is our opportunity to enter the domain of humility where the need to control the experience is subdued as the neo cortex takes a back seat and we are willing to flow with the wisdom of our primal natures whilst still having the wisdom to know where to intervene when necessary. Give women this honour of loving rather than saving by relinquishing the tools of power over and step back in trust.
It is time we started to place birth in to the realms of an awakened spiritual experience, a somatic journey where each woman’s rite of passage becomes a seed of Love.It is this kind of mindful birthing experience that places mother and baby at centre and has the potential to elevate Love consciousness for humanity.