In 2015 Maha was honored to meet with and be invited by Hermine Hayes-Klein, a Human Rights Lawyer living in USA, who organized the first successful HRiC Conference in The Hague in 2012 to the 2017 India Conference. Hermine’s heartfelt mission and vision to see all women respected and treated with dignity in the birthing arena started a movement that continued in India from 2nd-5th February, 2017.

Maha was a guest speaker at the India conference that was put together by Birth India and Australian Human Rights in Childbirth lawyer Bashi Kumar Hazard for the global Human Rights in Childbirth movement.

Maha feels this is an extremely important movement and she shared her vision of why and how birth matters and ways to look at this rite of passage through a psycho spiritual lens.

This conference brought together a fantastic array for speakers sharing their views on maternal care and rights in India and for global improvement. It was a very heartfelt and touching conference as women and men came together to shine a light on the abuses, discrimination and violations that many women experience during the greatest journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Upcoming Speaking Events for 2019

We Birth Virtual Doula Conference 2019 (25 – 28 March)

I am speaking at the We Birth Virtual Doula Conference 2019 along with a wonderful community of speakers from around the world (my talk is on the 27th). This conference celebrates the variety of ways Doulas offer support, provide care and create impact for women, babies and families. The title of my talk is Birth as a Vehicle for Opening Gateways into a More Loving Human Existence where I will be speaking about understanding the importance of a Doula’s role as being a conduit for holding spiritual and energetic space for mothers and babies during the birth process. Get your tickets here.

Indie Birth Webinar (8th April 2019, 7:30 pm CST (US & Canada))

I am doing a webinar on 8th April for Indie Birth. The webinar is titled Awakening Birth Wisdom Through Mindful Movement. Indie Birth provides an innovative option for pregnant and birthing women who want to expand what they know and believe. They offer concrete knowledge, ancient wisdom and current research so women can make choices with full awareness, from the full spectrum of choices. Sign up here.

MY Positive Pregnancy & Birth EXPO – Ipswich (August 31, 2019 | 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM)

I am a guest speaker at the MY Positive Pregnancy & Birth Expo hosted by New Life Midwifery. Get informed about all of your options in pregnancy and birth and hear from expert speakers. Chat to local pregnancy and birth services and enjoy a hot coffee while you’re at it. More info here.

Better Birth 360° 2019 Online Summit

Join me for the Better World 360° Online Summit. I am thrilled to be a part of this Summit along with expert speakers such as Ina May Gaskin, Dr. Michel Odent (who has also endorsed by Dance of the Womb book), Dr. Sarah Buckley and many many more. My interview goes live on July 5th.  Learn more and sign up here.

Past In Person Speaking Events

  • Angela Gallo’s In Person Dynamo Doula™ Training. Melbourne & Byron Bay, Australia (2019/2018).
  • Science Meets Love Workshop: An afternoon of teaching and discussion with Dr. Sarah Buckley (Medical Doctor and Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering) and Maha. Nerang, Australia (2018).
  • Featured keynote speaker at the China Annual Midwives Conference (Shandong Province), lectures at Elizabeth Private Maternity Hospital (Ghuanzhou), Zhongshan Xialan People’s Hospital (Zhongshan City) and Southern Medical University (Ghuanzhou). China (2018).
  • Human Rights in Childbirth Conference. Mumbai, India (2017).
  • Birth Keeper’s Summit. San Francisco, USA (2016).
  • Midwifery Today Conference. Byron Bay, Australia (2014).
  • Australian Doula College Annual Retreat. NSW (2014).
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association Queensland Branch Conference. (2013).
  • SQUAT Birth Conference. San Francisco, USA (2013).
  • Australian Midwives Conference. Queensland Branch (2011, 2012).
  • Bankstown Midwifery Training Day. (2011).
  • Australian Midwives National Conference. Sydney, Australia (2011).
  • Featured speaker at Tweed Heads Midwives Annual Meeting. (2009).
  • Featured keynote speaker at Capers Birth Conference where Dr. Michel Odent was also featured. (2008).
  • Featured keynote speaker at Homebirth Conference where Sheila Kitzinger was also featured. Sydney, Australia (2007).

Past Online Speaking Events

  • The VBAC Summit 2019. I spoke about Valuing Birth Awareness for Change: Exploring how emotional intelligence within maternal care systems can make effective and positive changes.

This was beautiful and spoke to my heart; ‘We should respectfully allow the song and dance of birth to unfold’. Exactly!

I believe in you…take the time you need…you are valuable…I am loving you through…

I was taught that it was unprofessional to develop a bond like this with my clients! I always failed.

‘Reassurance is the key to stabilising a mothers emotional wound’.

I need to re-listen to this a few times. It has too much valuable information that needs a lot of introspection and time to reflect on in order that it is absorbed and implemented. Thank you.

– Hakimah Vasos

So Good to hear Maha speak with such confidence on her body and the ability of what it can do naturally without any help. And it is so nice to hear that she had 3 births that had gone the way SHE wanted. This presentation gives such power to women to trust their own bodies to do what is natural.

– Von Luck

That was an amazing presentation that I think I will need to go over more than once! It is deep work for birth workers to also heal from their births, the birth of their children and for many their childhood traumas. I wonder if birth workers can get burnt out quickly due to the lack of emotionally intelligent work that is never done. The fact they are never healed before they go into this work! Also the lack of support and positive mentorship that is never offered once Doula (and other birth work) courses are given….again thank you so much. I have a lot to think about. Mothers do need us to be connected to our truths! Amen!

– Elizabeth Bain

  • The Sacred Postpartum Summit 2018. I spoke about Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum at 46 with my home birth midwife Jayne Alder.

I saw you speak at the Sacred Postpartum Summit by Laya B. last month. I felt very drawn to your method and story. I used to dance all the time and realising that I can bring that back into my life during pregnancy and birth will be another step closer to the empowered birth I desire. This is baby no.3 for me and as I approach the last few months (maybe weeks!) I am really starting to tune into gentle ways to labour and heal many of the traumas present in my first 2 births.

– Nazanin Marashian

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