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Here is a selection of speaker topics, presentations and workshops Maha can share at your next conference,general sessions, seminar, event and more. They are listed with a general description and suggested time frames. Each topic is tailored to suit the different audiences although there is flexibility. If you are interested in Maha speaking at your next gathering please: BOOK MAHA TODAY

GENERAL SESSION – Maha gave this talk at the Birth Keepers Summit in San Francisco USA 2015 to a captive audience.

Topic: Birth – The potential to liberate psychological and unconscious muscular patterns through altered states of consciousness. 1 hour 20 minutes

Childbirth can be both a somatic and trans personal experience for a woman where she has a potent opportunity for healing unresolved emotional holdings. I refer to this peak embodied experience as self-generated healing in birth where being in an altered state of consciousness supports self-development, self-awareness, self-empowerment; opening gateways in to spiritual understanding and higher potential learning. When birth is revered and supported as a feminine rite of passage it can directly influence the release of these unresolved holdings in the mother’s physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body. The mother-baby union is at centre and highly valued. These respected, sacred spaces in birth honour the emotional expanded interplay of a woman’s journey supporting change and her personal sovereignty. They are her medicine. Society accepts somatic practices as beneficial for transformation, reconciliation and as a path toward self-realization. It is imperative that a woman’s birthing experience is also held in highest regard and does not escape this inclusion.

By embracing the sacred sanctity of birth and promoting birth as having potential for spiritual awakening could we impact change upon the current medical mindset so birth practices may change for the better? How would this look in today’s current birth climate that needs a radical shake up? How could this possibility also bring balance and harmony to Humanity on a global scale? In what ways can we educate and best support this perspective on birth within our communities and with our mothers? What modalities can we share with women to enhance their autonomy in birth? e.g. my work since 1997 in Bellydance For Birth. Yoga and mindfulness training as a vision of the Family Nurturing Centre in Perth Australia.



Maha is also available to facilitate:

Pregnancy BellydanceBirth® class – 1hour 15min
Pregnancy workshop – more in-depth than a class only – 2 hour 15min



Topic: Moving with birth rythms – Introduction to Mindful Movement to Awaken Birth Wisdom – Bellydance For Birth. – 60 minutes

Maha can come to your pre-natal yoga training and provide a general session on BellydanceBirth® incorporating theory and practical segments. This would be a 60 min session where Maha will cover:



* Introduction to Maha and her work
* What is Bellydance For Birth?
* Hormones, brain and birth
* Birth environment
* Engaging the four bodies of birth and more



* Stretches
* Basic circle – pelvis and chest
* Free Dance
* Q/A
* Includes take home hand out



“Inspiring – I would love to do her belly dancing course”
“Maha – wow! You are so eloquent and speak truth with your whole body”
“Maha is amazing – I’d love to learn more from her”
“Maha and her session was really inspirational”



Topic: The language of the feminine – Mindful Movement To Awaken Birth Wisdom – Bellydance For Birth. – 60 minutes



* Maha’s story and journey
* Understanding the why’s and how’s of BellydanceBirth for pregnancy   and labour
* Cultural nuances of this art form for birthing
* Dancing with and into the four bodies – physical, emotional, spiritual   and energetic – feminine expression
* BellydanceBirth for birth keepers
* Principles of Maha’s program…and more



* The basic circle and figure 8 movement from
the BellydanceBirth program
* Free Dance exploration
* Includes take home hand out


General Sessions Training midwives

General Sessions



GENERAL SESSION: MIDWIVES, DOULAS, CHILDBIRTH EDUCATORS, BIRTH PROFESSIONALS, CONFERENCE SUITABLE – Maha gave this talk to birth keepers at the Squat Conference, San Francisco USA 2013

Topic: Fear no more – Ancient woman meets modern woman. How can the ancient art of Bellydance for Birth inform the experience of birth today? – 60 minutes

This talk includes practical component of Circle and Figure 8 movements and Free Dance.

General Sessions ABA conference

General Sessions

General Sessions maha and ricki lake

General Sessions

2008 Sydney HomeBirth Conference with Ricki Lake



Topic: An overview of the benefits of Mindful Birth Movement – Bellydance For Birth – Somatic pre-natal exercise and process through first stage of labour. – 60 minutes

This overview introduction presentation is good for larger groups of midwives and gives a comprehensive understanding of Maha’s perspective on BellydanceBirth from a somatic perspective of body-mind integration. This includes a Q/A component and practice with audience participation in the movements of the BellydanceBirth.
*Includes take home hand out


General Sessions ABA conference

General Sessions

General Sessions ABA conference

General Sessions


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