BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series Bundle (MP4 + PDF Downloads)


Maha’s Home Birth Film at Age 46 – Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth (MP4 Download)
January 3, 2016
BellydanceBirth® Dance Exercises - Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth
BellydanceBirth® Dance Exercises – Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth (MP4 Download)
January 24, 2016
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BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series Bundle
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Mahas homebirth videos
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BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series Bundle (MP4 + PDF Downloads)

A$76.97 A$45.00

  • Prepare yourself for a calm and positive pregnancy and birthing journey.
  • Release yourself from the fear of childbirth – learn to birth through your fear rather than birth in fear.
  • Gain confidence and inner strength to manage your labour by welcoming your uterine contractions (which I like to call expansions) rather than resisting them.
  • Learn to work with your birth rhythms and sensations.
  • Connect to your body awareness and your precious baby.

The BellydanceBirth® Practice Video Series Bundle is my unique dance exercise program designed to inspire EVERY mama-to-be in pregnancy and birth, alleviating fears and encouraging trust in the beauty of their body’s birthing wisdom. No previous dance experience (belly dance or otherwise) is necessary.

Thousands of women worldwide have benefitted from the program giving them the confidence and inner strength to birth their way!

Download the entire bundle (along with 2 exciting BONUSES) to your laptop, tablet or phone so you can practice the dance movements in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. Pause the videos whenever you like, and resume when you are ready to exercise once again.


1. Video 1 (48 minutes, A$21.99 value)Gentle Prenatal Stretching Exercises.

Video 1 consists of stretching exercises divided into 4 sections to ensure your whole body is invigorated and activated. Warm up stretches as a part of your prenatal practice ensure that your body, along with your baby is conditioned for childbirth so that your muscles and joints can freely move into the birthing positions during labour.

  • Seated Positions
  • Kneeling and Seated Positions
  • Moving Up Positions
  • Standing Up Positions

2. Video 2 (1 hour 17 minutes, A$23.99 value)BellydanceBirth® Dance Exercises.

Video 2 consists of the BellydanceBirth® dance exercises divided into 6 sections.

  • The Circle
  • The Spiral
  • The Figure Eight
  • The Cervix
  • The Hands and Arms
  • The Chest

3. Soothing background music as you follow Maha when she was 34 weeks with her daughter, Aminah.

4. BONUS video (50 minutes, A$21.99 value)Maha’s Home Birth Film at Age 46.

A documentary style film titled From the Womb to the Water, I Danced Out of My Mum. Watch Maha giving birth at 46 years of age, as she also discuss the philosophy and physiology behind BellydanceBirth® and various birth related topics, with two midwives, Ann and Jayne.

5. BONUS ecards (A$9 value)Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Ecards.

A beautiful set of 47 downloadable and printable ecards with positive daily insights and quotes from Maha that mamas-to-be can use to re-program your mind and discover your own innate strength and power to birth.

Read praise and professional endorsements about the program.

Have questions about the program? Drop me a line at and I will respond to your query personally!


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