When it comes to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting I see that there has been a huge lean toward proving things scientifically and via evidence based knowledge. I, like many, am very interested in how science and evidence configures in our understanding of the birth and beyond field. It is valuable to have these pillars to support our deeper understanding if we are looking through the lens of the intellect and rationality.

I also stand strong in my conviction that the “science of mother and baby” swaddled in their own intimate bundle of intelligence is as relevant, as valuable and dare I say perhaps even more intrinsically grounded in a body wisdom that shines a light of truth on science based analysis. I think we need to be careful about moving too far from the heart home and start listening a little more closely to the body of evidence for pregnancy birth and beyond that resides in the flesh and blood of mother and babies love pathways.

In all of our arrogance and need to intellectualise the spiritual world through a know all attitude, we must honour that voice of instinct and mystery that a mother carries, which when given space reveals to us the very things we will potentially lose – that which is our sustenance.

Let’s be mindful in our quest to be right and pull ourselves up now and again so we can sit quietly in the shadows of our own vulnerability as a contribution for understanding that essentially we are all connected.