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Rebecca Le Harle – Natural Birth

Rebecca Le Harle – Natural Birth

“I was first introduced to belly dancing for pregnancy and birth at a one day pregnancy retreat when I was 4 months pregnant.

I knew that I wanted to experience this miraculous journey in the most natural and confident way possible. I had seen so many women around me struggling with the birth experience and so the stories were all very negative and fearful. I just loved being in a room full of pregnant women, swaying and dancing our bellies in a way that felt very powerful indeed.

Maha’s belly dance for birth DVD was on sale there but I missed out on a copy. I ordered one shortly after as I could not wait to start.

From 5 months onwards I practiced the exercises in our new home. My partner was overseas for work so I spent the extra time practicing the movements and dancing around! The documentary’s section with Maha’s birth and a discussion with two midwives was also very reassuring. I made sure to stand and place some weight on my hands while leaning slightly forward to help open my pelvis up.

(Thank you ladies! This information was priceless!)

On the day our baby decided to arrive, I felt so confident and connected to my body. Without thinking I found myself spiralling my hips and dancing through each phase. I was standing for the entirety of my labour. I tried being in a birth pool but I needed to be on my feet, allowing my legs to support the process. Not only did the dancing help the birthing process to flow , but it helped me go into that “other place” where the animal brain takes over. I felt strong, capable and a powerful femininity that I had never experienced before.

My beautiful daughter came out with ease as I was standing up and holding on to her father. I didn’t need to push! And I felt no pain as she came out.

Dancing through the birth allowed greater comfort for me, assisted in proper placement of my baby and absolutely helped to move things along!

The active labour was only 6 hours and required no intervention or drugs. This was the kind of birthing I knew was possible.

I am forever thankful to Maha for the gift of belly dance for birthing”. Xxxxxx

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