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Professional Endorsements

Dr Michel Odent –  MD, author and internationally renowned obstetrician working extensively in the area of child birth research, water birth and natural birth since 1960s.

Michel Odent & Maha



Sheila Kitzinger – Author

As the author of 24 books, an anthropologist, and birth advocator for womens’ autonomy and freedom of choice in pregnancy, birth and motherhood Sheila had the following to say about the ‘Dance of the Womb’ book:
Sheila Kitzinger & Maha



Dr Sarah J. Buckley, GP, family physician, mother of four children born at home, internationally renowned expert on pregnancy and childbirth.

Sarah Buckley & Maha



The DVD was endorsed by the “Australia Doula College” and the “National Association of Childbirth Educators Australia” 2009. Director Renee Adair 

“The DVD, Dance of the Womb is an inspiring, informative and gentle journey into belly dancing for birth and beyond which can be enjoyed by pregnant women, Midwives, Doulas and Childbirth educators alike.

Maha ‘walks her talk’ when sharing with us the amazing birth of her third child at 46 years young.

This DVD will, I’m sure, give women the freedom and confidence to trust their bodies to let go and allow themselves to discover their own rhythm in their labour and birth.”



Christiane Northrup, MD

“Your belly dance book and DVD are simply wonderful. I have mentioned them in the revised edition of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,which will be released in June 2010. You have done the world a huge service with this work. And the production values on the DVD are outstanding! Sincerely.”



Dr. Jane Svensson, Chair of further education committee, NACE

“Dance of the Womb, both book and DVD, would have to be the most captivating work I have seen in a long time. The stretches, the moves bring bellydance to life and will inspire many who participate not only for pregnancy but for life. The National Association of Childbirth Educators Product Endorsement panel were unanimous in our decision to endorse both book and DVD. They are excellent resources. Good luck Maha.”



Sydel Weinstein, Family nurturing centre

“Maha, thank you for creating your bellybirthdance an ancient sharing from the sufi mystical path that is so needed for todays woman.Your awareness and connection to body, breath, feminine movement and mindful presence reawakens women to the roots of feminine energy and power. To teach the dance circles and moves to pregnant women is truly transformative and creates a ripple that extends to all around.”



 ‘The farm’ Midwifery Centre , Tennessee

“Thank you to midwife Pamela Hunt for her wonderful support. Pamela received a complimentary copy of my book and DVD and will share them with their students, pregnant women and midwives.”

NB: Ina May Gaskin agrees that dancing is good for mothers.


Jan Tritten
Midwife, Founder and editor-in-chief Midwifery Today Magazine, USA

“Midwifery Today was so very blessed by Maha’s teaching and performing BellydanceBirth® at our conference in Byron Bay. Maha teaches this beautiful and ancient birth dance with such love, kindness and grace that her sweet energy fills the room. BellydanceBirth®, mindful movement for birth, especially taught by Maha is a great way to move the baby down and out with joy and is also great for the pregnant mom as well as her midwives!
I found Maha to lovely to work with. She communicates well and promptly and always makes me feel better after talking with her or even emailing with her. She is one of those rare people who possess the gift of encouragement. Her grace and beauty go right down to her heart and soul. She is a gift to midwives, mothers and babies.”



Janelle Angel, B App Sc ( Phty) – Post grad Cert Phty (Cont & Plv Flr rehab)

“Maha’s Bellydance for Birth DVD Dance Of The Womb is a wholistic preparation for labour and birth.Timeless wisdom meets science.This sensuous, deep, feminine tradition blends relaxation, body awareness, fitness and self empowerment- important ingredients in facilitating healthy birth outcome. And its fun!”



Dr Debbie Mortimer –  Medical Practitioner, Mullumbimby NSW

From a medical perspective, ‘Dance of the Womb’ DVD is a beautiful journey toward our expression of the feminine, which is lovingly expressed by Maha Al Musa as she dances her way through her own pregnancy and birth. Her joyous telling of this process enables women to regain what has been lost of our ancient heritage and find our inner nature and abilities. Watching then performing the gentle rhythmical movements shown by Maha can enhance muscle strength and flexibility, helping a woman to align her baby in her pelvis and encouraging pelvic muscle relaxation and blood flow. The active and passive components of the gentle dances help pelvic floor toning, which assists in the birthing process and reduces injury. As well, the confidence gained using these natural calming movements enhances self esteem and respect and love of our bodies as well as increased joy in birthing, our babies, and our femininity. Thankyou again for your enthusiasm and love Maha.



Penelope Summons – Midwife 

“I just want to have a rave about Maha’s Training. As an independent midwife and grandmother I have honestly rarely seen such enthusiasm and graciousness combined into a Training on birth. Maha’s core is infused with a deep sense of understanding of the birth process in itself. A mystery to be traversed by each woman, to have the guiding and loving hand of this special, and yes, I do believe she is special and I wouldn’t hesitate to use this word lightly. In fact the ability to “touch” our core as women we often need to find our faith in our sacred self.

These Trainings are personal, collaborative, deeply intuitive, so it is up to you to work with Maha in this space and you will forever be blessed to love yourself as you discover who you are as a woman, is powerful, and this is the woman your baby knows you to be. Enjoy…easy… I guarantee you will”



Anna Watts, Childbirth Educator, ‘Celebration of Birth Pregnancy Retreats’

‘It is a pleasure to have Maha on the ‘Celebration of Birth’ team of pregnancy practitioners. Her belief in a woman’s ability to birth naturally is inspiring as she encourages them to loosen up and allow the pelvis to open for birth through the bellydance. Great music! I love the way Maha teaches – a fun, energizing and empowering session for every woman to feel more comfortable with their pregnant body.’

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