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Luna 35 years – 26 weeks

‘Bellydancing opens up the energy around my pelvis. I am sure that it is going to be so beneficial.’

Tessa 28 years 39 weeks

 ‘I am due now with a breech baby. The bellydancing made me feel strong and open, confident to attempt to deliver my baby breech. I will use the circling and figure 8 during labour as I want to be active to deliver my baby.’

Rebecca 23 years 30 weeks

‘I am almost 20 weeks pregnant now, feeling great. Bellydancing has enabled me to become more in tune with my body and relax all tensions in my lower back; no more pain! My back feels so much more flexible. Thank you.’

Bron 35 years 27 weeks

‘Bellydancing frees up a part of me that I didn’t even know was there. It also feels so nurturing toward the baby – a little conversation between the two of us.’

Mary 41 years 20 weeks with baby no. 6

‘After my first bellydance session I was totally amazed at the results. I have been to the chiropractor weekly for the last six weeks with heavy lower back pain. After bellydancing my back felt totally free of pain. I feel incredible. Thank you. Bellydancing makes me feel flexible, flowing and round.’

Sonya 25 years

‘Bellydancing during labour comes instinctively and helps me to visualise opening up.’

Natalie 27 years 24 weeks

‘I felt inspired, at one with my body and baby. A feeling of freedom and peace.’

Chattral 25 years 32 weeks

‘Relaxed, calm. I felt my hips open up and blood rush to my legs and pelvis.’

Helen 40 years 18 weeks

‘Bellydancing was a beautiful opening experience on my first session. I became aware of where I was holding and tense in my pelvis. I felt truly sensual during and after the session.’

Eka 42 years 41 weeks

‘Bellydancing always makes me feel softer and sensual. A very good way to forget about the daily rush and make contact with my deep feminine energy.’

Lina 37 years 32 weeks

‘I feel alive and connected with my body – more so! I have a grounding with the movements, even though light, they seem to bring me into my body with awareness and earthed.’

Pablo Ferrero father to be from Chile

‘Bellydance is so similar with salsa. It has the same spirit connection to the soul making the life more shining and lighter.’

Susanna 38 years 33 weeks

‘Bellydancing directly brings me into my body and especially into my pelvis in a really relaxed and sensual way. I love it!’

Cyd 32 years 25 weeks

‘Bellydancing brings me into my sensuality with abandon and no rules.’

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