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Interview by Jamal & Kim Hester in America

Jamal & Kim’s Innercircle Health Tribe was founded by Jamal and Kimberly Hester, a husband and wife duo with over 10 years of experience in the holistic health industry. They have dedicated their lives to helping people live a healthier lifestyle, and have already aided many during the last 9 years with their wellness centre in New Jersey.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

Why birth is not a medical emergency

How you can heal yourself through birth

How to release the fears of pregnancy

Why the various stages of a women’s life is a rites of passage

How fear hinders birth

Why birth is a spiritual experience

Why Maha breastfed her daughter until 7 years old

What is Belly Dance For Birth

How to trust in the process of birth

Why the sisterly connection is so underrated

Why the biological clock is not true

How Maha had her last child at 46 yrs old

Why the mother & child should be the centre of the birthing experience

How constrictions in the body restricts birth

Listen to Maha Al Musa Pod-Cast: Healing Through Birth – CLICK HERE


EWN RADIO : Empowering motherhood : Listen: CLICK HERE


Barbara Schultz: Pregnancy Summit 2015

“She created safe space for women to come forth and express their deepest longing. The basic premise is that it is the mom and baby together has all the knowledge they need to birth beautifully and naturally.”

Get your belly moving and be ready to learn:

How to energetically open to allow birth to occur naturally

Best ways to move through fear and resistance

Where to find Maha’s DVD to learn powerful techniques at home

About the Sufi essence of life and birth mystery



#‎normalizebreastfeeding‬ campaign and International Day to normalise breastfeeding‬‬‬‬

Podcast featuring Maha and her wonderful partner John sharing his perspectives from fathers viewpoint.



Dr Judy Rosenberg : Prenatal care and breast feeding for mental health

“Maha is an advocate for breastfeeding until mother and child are complete in their process. From a Mind Map perspective, healing human disconnect starts with healing disconnection between mother and infant. The connection begins in utero and extends for life. We have to go back to basics and allow for the process from pre-birth onward to foster healthy connections along the way.

Breastfeeding increases a child’s ability to develop a good immune system, to calm down the amygdala (the emotional trauma brain) and to properly attach to mother, fostering good emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Let us never forget that the father’s role is equally important. He must nourish the mother, so she can nourish her child.”


Wellness for the REAL World : DrVeronica

“It’s National Infertility Awareness Week? Our topics cover cutting-edge technology, natural pregnancy, alternative medicine, financing IVF. Guests: Dr. Shamus Husheer, (inventor of DuoFertility, US debut of fertility monitoring device); Jan Denise (author, Innately Good: Dispelling The Myth That You’re Not); Maha al-Musa (author, Bellydance For Birth); chiropractor Dr. Veronica Collings; ayurveda expert Susan Joyce Proctor; Pamela Hirsch (funding infertility treatments through BabyQuestFoundation.org); and Dr. Lorne Browne (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapist).”

Lara: Breastfeeding 4 year old daughter at 50

“Maha Al Musa founder of Belly Dance For Birth & Author of Dance of the Womb was in the Byron Bay radion studio Bay FM talking all things belly dance and birth.”



Sarah Ndiaye

Maha hopes that the debate will help younger women see birthing, breastfeeding and women’s bodies in a positive and healthy light.


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