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Maha has, with heart and soul, shared her personal story of breastfeeding her daughter to natural term (7 years of age) in the worldwide media since early 2012 in a hope to inspire and expand upon societies “breastfeeding norms”. She wrote to WHO in 2015 recommending that there be no mention of an age from which to breastfeed a child beyond – she feels it’s important to encourage women to breastfeed for as long as it suits mother, child, and family.

Her motto has always been follow your heart and instincts and do what’s best for your circumstance whether breast or bottle guilt free!

She was featured on the cover of few magazines in Australia and internationally.

Maha’s work in Bellydancebirth has also been featured in several Cosmopolitan Pregnancy Australia magazine editions as well as a variety of other magazines.


Maha has been mentioned in the Yoga Journal:

“Moving the pelvis in circular figure-eight motions, and moving the hips, mimics the movements of labour”, says Maha Al Musa, teaching Bellydance for birth. “These movements help baby’s head to be massaged down onto the cervix”.

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