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M.D birth story

“I can attest to the efficacy of Maha’s moves and instructions on this DVD that she teaches you to use during birthing. This was my fourth birthing and third natural childbirth. I can vouch for the lessening of discomfort if you use the tools she teaches you. Everything about this birth was the same as my others except I used this DVD when I felt contractions. It wasn’t hard to remember because it felt like such a ‘release’.

I thought for the few days before that I was having braxton hicks….again. I had NO IDEA after 3 contractions on the day of that the baby ‘was here’. There was no time to fill up the birthing pool and my husband caught our little baby (we had called the midwife just 3 minutes before to tell her….birthing was ‘beginning’). I loved the preciseness of this DVD. I purchased 2 other prenatal bellydance DVDs before this one. They were NOT specific enough. They were short and sorry to say a little cheesy. They both sorely lacked adequate instructions. I did not feel that they did a well enough job at describing the anatomy of bellydance.

I.e. How do I tilt my pelvis? Which direction should my torso be facing, etc. I had pelvic girdle pain with my 2nd pregnancy and I knew that I wasn’t taking any chances ever getting it again by ‘guessing’ at things like positioning etc while exercising. I hope this helps you decide to choose this DVD over others. It is so worth the extra money and investment to receive such a well-rounded, educational and professionally done product. You and your baby are worth it!”

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