Insight Birth Consultations | Let Her Free, Do Not Cage the Grace of the Deer.

Insight Birth Consultations

How can Maha’s Insight Birth Consultations support you?


When society tries to manage a woman’s full expression of her inner feminine knowing for pregnancy and birth, squeezing her life force into a box with a limited view, she cannot ever fully be free to open her heart and live from a place of self-reliance and exploration. She will always be at the call and control of the other.

If there is any potent experience that brings a woman into her fullest awareness it is mothering. This stretches us to all capacities and opens our hearts into full bloom. It can also bring with it many challenges, questions, unresolved past trauma, a desire to feel everything and a willingness to grow.

My desire is to provide space so that women can express the full range of their emotional worlds without being labelled, compartmentalized, managed and numbed.

Women cannot give birth to themselves or another when they cannot express and paint a canvas where they flourish in their true nature – let us be wild and free or demure and sexy and everything in between.


I had some fears and questions around birth and decided to contact Maha to try a one on one counselling session with her. Our meeting went beyond my expectations, she helped me to shift and transform my fears and guided me to find my confidence. Her knowledge on birth is vast and incredibly precious. She answered some very practical questions and brought me to find some spiritual answers for myself. I am so glad I could meet up with her a few times during my pregnancy and after giving birth. She been an amazing support for this beautiful transition of my life in becoming a mum. Many thanks.

– Jennifer

Maha’s counselling style is very much based on an insightful spiritual guidance with practical suggestions. Maha is not a midwife or trained in the medical model so she does not offer clinical advice. She will support you through the emotional and spiritual window by being an ear to hear your heart in a judgement free and loving space. Maha will hold you in your own authenticity as together we walk into the garden of your heart through self-inquiry and self-awareness with an easy, loving and gentle approach. She works with all aged women and specializes in over 40 mothers.


Let a woman just be a woman without rules, do not cage the spirit of the tiger or the grace of the deer


Maha’s definition of self-inquiry is setting the intention to look into oneself in a compassionate way, to become aware of one’s imprints, conditionings, behavior through being witness and the player in the dance of our relating.

We compare ourselves to others and judge, and Maha wants every woman to know that each has a voice that is equally valuable and valid regardless of her birth experience.


What did I learn? How did I grow? How has my experience informed the mother I am becoming?


In this modern day where the ancient wisdom of life’s most fundamental experience – Birth to Motherhood – is being hijacked by power, greed, fear and misinformation, Maha’s Insight Birth Consultation Sessions endeavors to reinstate the knowledge of the bodies birthing wisdom back into the fabric of society – into the Feminine and thus into Humanity by reminding women of their innate capacity to weave the story of Love’s blueprint on this Sacred Journey.

Maha will help you to navigate through the channels of your own self inquiry so you can languish in an open heart and non-judgmental space with yourself outside of the conditioning and controls that may have contributed to certain imprints. Maha supports your transformation and inquiry.

Maha is available to women who are looking for inspiration, support and strength as they navigate the waves of this birthing rhythm and mothering journey, letting go of shame, guilt, fear, manipulation and distrust and instilling knowing, trust, strength, surrender, vulnerability, unraveling misconceptions and releasing into this deep well where all of Life originates.


What kind of support are you seeking?


  • Fear of birth?
  • Past traumatic birth?
  • Joyful birth – understanding the deeper spiritual aspect of birth?
  • Relationship challenges?
  • Emotional and moral support.

Maha is available for: Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, Mothering, Relationship Counselling and Support (men are welcome).


Session Times and Prices


Each session is 75 mins (1 hour and 15 mins) long. ALL sessions are held via Skype.

Skype username: mahaalmusa

Payment: Via PayPal to Please indicate your name on the deposit. The payment for each session must be made before scheduling the session.

Location: My time frame is based on Sydney, Australia time. Please get in touch to arrange times that suit us both. Email:

The following packages are available.




  • A single session for 75 mins.
  • Price: A$150 (US$115).




  • Three sessions for 75 minutes each. To be used within 6 weeks.
  • Price: A$135 (US$105) per session.




  • Five sessions for 75 minutes each. To be used within 10 weeks.
  • Price: A$120 (US$95) per session.


Any extra sessions are negotiable with Maha. 10% discount for financial hardship on Ruby and Diamond Packages. Ruby and Diamond Packages must be used within 6 and 10 weeks respectively after payment. If not used, they will be forfeited.