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At 46 years of age Maha gave birth to her 3rd child! It was a natural conception followed by a natural home water lotus birth. Maha shares her birthing journey in her inspiring documentary style film, From the Womb to the Water, I Danced Out of My Mum.

The film begins with Maha in early labour at the sacred Aboriginal Ti – Tree lake at sunset, surrounded by lilies, trees and water, dancing through her expansions (uterine contractions) using BellydanceBirth® movements (Maha’s award winning prenatal dance exercise programme designed to inspire women  in pregnancy to prepare them for a positive birth experience) to ground her to the Earth, connecting with her baby and Nature in this tranquil place.

We are then invited into Maha’s sacred space to accompany her through her home birth journey.

The film also incorporates a conversation with Ann and Jayne (Maha’s own home birth midwife) discussing BellydanceBirth®, birth tips and philosophy and the use of somatic practices.

The film breaks through the barriers placed in front of birthing women where medical opinion deems a woman over 40 being at high risk and not capable of birthing as nature intended, let alone at home!

Maha’s message is that when we are healthy and well in body, mind and heart, possibility and positivity walk hand in hand in a mother’s decision-making to have sovereignty over her consent to birth with whom and where she chooses.