Hijacking birth limelight This is a very real and at times challenging ideology to present to birth professionals, OB’s, Dr’s, educators and teachers because of the hidden nature of their own deep birth wounding that can play in the shadows of their psyche.
The way I see childbirth education is that it must take the best aspects of the essence and feel of traditional women’s wisdom and knowing that used to be passed naturally through families, and reflect this into our modern day. This is a model that, at its core, envelops a mother and baby in a blanket of love to protect them from an activated nervous system. And then we take the purity of science and evidence that also supports this model of love and inform both pathways in order for women to have access to truthful birth dialogue.

Unfortunately there is a lot of fear based and clinical education that overshadows the soft and gentle birth inquiry that mothers and babies need for more uplifting and positive outcomes. I believe that this has escalated over the past 20 years since I started as a birth educator. I also acknowledge the movement of incredible woman’s sacred birth work being offered to prospective parents. We need to bring positive education to the foreground and teach from the heart, so women can enter through the gateway of love, which at its core is also a platform where vulnerability and truth reside.

The kind of birth education that I believe is most powerful begins with kindness and the understanding that a mother and baby are the experts at the centre of their experience, with partner and family.
When we offer our services as birth professionals, carrying with us a sense of dignity and respect for ourselves and our mothers, we are telling them I honour your rite of passage journey and am not here to hijack the limelight for my own healing.

I think bringing attention to this subject needs to be an essential part of training the trainer or professional in order to bring this information to a critical light, so that they can openly investigate their own birth imprint and work toward clearing the channels from their physical and emotional body. If we can recognise this need as a normal and essential participation for professionals personal development, then I believe we can influence birth practises for the better. Limbic patterning that is addressed in a gentle and empathetic way is essential. Elena Tonetti does some great work in this area of re imprinting birth codes for everyone and anyone willing to explore this very important area.

So once we can understand the hidden energies that are at play in our sub conscious when we are present within the birth field, and at the very least actually acknowledge that these energies do exist and how they impact our work environment, then I think we can start to address why there is a global industry that keeps perpetuating fear and trauma, and why the growing need for birth healing therapists worldwide? The therapy industry in and of itself is gaining traction, which I also acknowledge is a necessary service to support mothers whom have been disrespected, not listened to, intentionally abused and more. It is like a runaway train and that is why I want to address this core issue of birth professionals really doing some personal development around understanding and releasing their own body, heart, mind, birth imprinting that is affecting the way they attend mothers and babies.
Of course there will be other factors at play, such as pure vested interests and sheer ignorance. I also know that if we can collaborate in truth and address this neural pathway that is being more deeply carved from modern day birth violence and neglect perhaps we can begin to instil change and create sustainable, caring, gentle, loving, compassionate foundations upon which we work in this most potent birth field.

Science tells us what instincts have always known, so I ask birth professionals; don’t you think it’s time we listened more deeply to the song and dance of intuition and instincts, so that birthing in unison with the rhythms of life’s heart beat can bring us all back to our senses – our sensual birthing right? We owe this to every human being birthed on this planet right here, right now. I advocate a revolution of the psyche to make birth back to where it belongs – into the loving heart and arms of all mothers and babies.
Maha Al Musa
Tokyo Japan
Founder of EmbodyBirth since 1997 and spiritual birth visionary, birth educator and activist. Maha is passionate about birth being a mother baby centred experience and that the emotional and spiritual aspects of birthing need to be voiced and addressed through mindful intention so we can raise the level of love consciousness for all of Humanity.