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EmbodyBirth™ Training Description

EmbodyBirth Training

EmbodyBirth Training

  Maha Al Musa has 20 years of experience in the birth world as a teacher, renowned speaker, spiritual birth visionary, birth activist, breastfeeding advocate since early 2012 in worldwide media and founder of EmbodyBirth™ - Mindful Movement To Awaken Birth Wisdom – Bellydance For Birth – The Al Musa Method® and BellydanceBirth® - sacred somatic birth education since 1997. "Bringing women back to their own hearts, hands, wombs and babies."

At the heart of the EmbodyBirth™ Teacher Training is an intention to invite birth care providers to rightfully place birth back into the mind, heart, hands and womb of women with their babies. In doing so we will bring back harmony and balance for humanity so we can elevate Love consciousness on this planet.

When we revere and honour the language of the feminine for birth we are making a powerful declaration to the world that the capacity we have to love and be loved is of utmost value in order to perfume the landscape of our collective family with the scent of Peace and Compassion for all.

EmbodyBirth™- The Ancient Art of Childbirth Preparation will teach you how you can use the ancient foundational principles of BellydanceBirth® movements to bring a woman home to her own innate birthing wisdom by connecting her with her baby so together they can access and activate primal knowing.

By interweaving a variety of modalities we create pathways that open the primal codes of the feminine so she can read the living book within.

Maha is passionate to share with women a perspective of birth that is inspiring and uplifting, her warm and heartfelt teaching approach is inclusive and non-judgmental. This training invites participants to step into self-inquiry and personal development and is highly transformational.


  EmbodyBirth™ Training will give you the knowledge and skills to support pregnant women in pre natal classes that are the missing link in childbirth preparation. We have a big problem in society now where the mother and baby are not placed at the centre of their birth journey as the experts who know the innate wisdom of birth - that mystical birth blueprint that resides in every woman and her baby. The dance of life. EmbodyBirth™ Training brings us to a deep understanding of birth as a rite of passage and the full expression of the feminine voice in the world - when women truly EmbodyBirth™ they find their authentic selves and this impacts how they will mother their children. Birth is a spiritual practice that takes us into self inquiry as we move through our own physical and emotional holdings - it is our greatest opportunity to seek and find out who we are. Babies birthed through this portal, where a mother has the space and time to excavate through the layers of her psyche in order to create clear birth channels, will have an opportunity to imprint the neurobiology of Love. This is essential to activate our spiritual humanness. rom the moment of gestation we know we are loved and wanted and through this loving attachment, connection and a sense of belonging our nervous system will relax into life - our birth rite is to be born into the arms of Love - we can re shape humanity through the way we are born. Love to see you all at this sacred birth training to learn BellydanceBirth® principles, movements and somatic processes as well as the opportunity to look within and birth the truest part of yourself - to become an EmbodyBirth™ teacher.  
Birth Care Providers Midwives Doulas Childbirth Educators Fitness Instructors Pregnancy Yoga Instructors Hypnobirth Practitoners Mothers Pregnant Women Anyone interested  


*Somatic creative processes

*Understanding of our primal birth map including hormones, primal brain, anatomy and physiology,

*Experiencing the Arabic state of 'Al Tarab'

*Dancing the intuitive shapes of birth and nature

*Moving into experiential exercises to excavate within our own light and shadows

*Looking at womb wisdom

*Pelvic floor exercises

*Art and craft

*Poetry in motion

*Participating in sacred sharing circles for transformation and personal growth

*Awareness of babies in utero experience

*Connecting with the four bodies for birth,

*Exploring mindful movement in safe space and much more.

Once certified you can:

1- Take the knowledge you have learned into your professional practice to share with pregnant women

2-Become an EmbodyBirth™ Teacher and teach pre-natal classes to groups of pregnant women

3-Immerse in the training for its benefits as a personal development course

Once you have completed the training to certification, your confidence, skills and knowledge will enable you to create and share EmbodyBirth™ classes for groups of pregnant women.

Join us for a truly liberating and heart opening childbirth preparation program that is the missing link in this modern day where science informs love - a journey into the heartland of the sacred feminine for birth.

Upon completing the training, you will become a Certified EmbodyBirth™ teacher.

EmbodyBirth Training

EmbodyBirth Training

Maha’s Teacher Training is for remembering: remembering your sensual lineage, your sensual home as women. Come to the heart of birth. “The heart of yourself as woman” Remember your sacred place on this Earth as woman. Remember your body knows the answers. Your body is a temple of wisdom and it holds the answers to all your deepest questions. Birth as nature intended cannot become extinct on the planet. You are the gatekeepers of birth and life on earth. You are the home of the ancient mystical feminine codes. These live within your body. The deepest religion on earth is alive in your fingers, your cervix, your yoni, and your heart. I am taking you on a journey to the sacred feminine, a four-day ritual in to the energy of the birthing Goddess. These deeply personal and inter personal days are about awakening and remembering self-healing and transformation. If you want to experience the healing of birth on this planet this training is a map to that healing. The healing takes place within your heart, your breath, your hips, your lips, your cervix, and your yoni. You are the healing that BIRTH on the planet is waiting for.  
This course, once completed and certified will enable you to teach Maha’s highly acclaimed pre-natal and birth preparation programme to classes of pregnant women as an inspiration for what is possible for women in birth. She believes that when women feel love and are loved their bodies know the language of birth. The mystical codes of the feminine are deeply imprinted in every woman’s womb and can be accessed and activated when we honour this rite of passage journey. Maha exudes an ancient timeless wisdom sourced from her own cultural roots and has an ability to authentically create a sacred circle of sisterhood where everyone is seen and heard in their essence. This is her unique charm. The Teacher Training programme is embodied and experiential where trainees have an opportunity to “feel” the beauty of the work moving in and through their own physical, emotional and energetic body. To self-inquire, to be held, seen and heard within the circle of the sacred sisterhood. To immerse in and taste the nectar of this somatic training not as passive learners, rather as active participants navigating their own personal expression of life’s offerings. This in turn will allow them to consciously be ‘with womban’ in a present and gentle way with a trust in birth. A description of the Teacher Training programme is outlined below with pricing and opportunity for hosting. Sheila Kitzinger has included BellydanceBirth® movements in her book - 'Birth and sex: the Power and the Passion'. She says: "Maha Al Musa's descriptions of traditional Arab belly dancing in pregnancy and birth were inspiring. I have learned a lot from her. The belly dance expresses the power of women to produce life. It is about connecting with the source of female sexuality." - Sheila Kitzinger - Author, anthropologist and birth advocate.  
Trainees, once certified, will:
  1. Have the opportunity to add another stream of income to their birth work as a EmbodyBirth™ Teacher.
  2. Have a profound understanding of their own body and the ability to help women to gain confidence in theirs through leading them back to their own inner wisdom, heart, hands and wombs and babies.
  3. Understand the nature of birth from not only the physical aspect but also from an emotional and energetic perspective in order to share this Universal knowledge.
  4. Take out to the world a standard that exemplifies an honouring of childbirth education to truly revere women, babies and birth.
  5. Confidently support women in her rite of passage journey to integrate a knowledge of as nature intended birthing.
  6. Reconnect to ancient birth wisdom through understanding that the mystical codes of the feminine reside within every woman’s womb to be accessed and activated.
  7. Understand the foundational needs of a woman in labour.
  8. Learn anatomy and physiology of the BellydanceBirth® movements in order to teach them in classes.
  9. Learn how to positively imprint birthing affirmations with the movements in class situation.
  10. Gain skills in how to sensitively hold space for pregnant women in a class situation.
  11. Bring sensuality, grace, feminine allure, charm, passion and love back to pregnancy and birth and the women they honour and hold in love.
In order to be able to participate in these training's it is recommended that you are working within the field of pregnancy and birth. This includes midwives, obstetricians, nurses, doctors, doulas, childbirth educators, hypnobirth practitioners , pre-natal yoga and fitness teachers, masseurs etc. NO dance experience is necessary. Trainees must have Maha's Book and DVD "Dance Of The Womb" set before the start of the course. These can both be bought at a reduced price bundle of AUS$70. If anyone is outside of this pre requisite and would like to participate please get in touch to discuss with Maha. Contact Maha Today  
The training is 4 days face-to-face with Maha. Once completed you will receive a Certificate and Business as an EmbodyBirthteacher.  
The first day of the training programme is an introduction to the Fundamentals of Bellydance for Birth – Mindful Movement To Awaken Birth Wisdom – The Al Musa Method®, BellydanceBirth®. There will be a manual and several documents that trainees will receive via email to print out or have with them on an electronic device during the training.
This day one portion of the training is endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives (7 MidPlus Points).
DESCRIPTION Day One is an introductory face-to-face window into the fundamentals of Maha’s EmbodyBirth™ programme, giving trainees an insight into the essence and practice of BellydanceBirth®. We will cover various subjects to gain an understanding of the association of belly dance and birthing through and not limited to Arabic cultural understanding, rhythms of birth and belly dance, brain and hormones in childbirth, fundamental BellydanceBirth® moves and bio mechanics, the twelve fundamental birthing principles of the programme and its core signature, ways to use the BellydanceBirth® movements in labour, and creative embodied processes. The day will also be an experiential, intimate, nurturing and self-reflective exploration of us as birth keepers. We will dance, move, stretch, ponder, discuss, listen, play, weave, draw, laugh, smile and surrender. Be inspired to participate and surrender your heart, head and hands. EmbodyBirth™ is both a beneficial and nurturing mode of birth preparation as well as a supportive and intuitive guide for use in the first stage of labour. It requires no dance experience, as it is an internal expression, a therapeutic medicine that feeds the Soul in this most sacred rite of passage and is accessible to every woman and baby. By encouraging a heart-centred approach to birthing, women are able to release fears and feel empowered, opening to the timeless rhythm and wisdom that is birth. It allows for autonomy, strength and acceptance in a non-judgmental space of feeling (rather than thinking), which is where birth happens!
DAY TWO, THREE, FOUR DESCRIPTION These next three days will be a more intensive face-to-face deepening where Maha will guide trainees through a profound journey into the heart of EmbodyBirth™programme. We will cover the full set of foundational movements, revisiting the circle and figure 8 from the introduction day, as well as basic bio mechanics and more embodied creative processes, providing a usable and profound skill set. Trainees will be given the structure of a EmbodyBirth™ class so they are able to understand class content and formats when designing their own series of classes for the part two home study component. They will also further their own personal journey into the heart of creative embodied processes as we continue to explore exercises suitable for pregnancy and our own personal growth to support and nourish the intensive deepening into womb awareness, wholeness and feminine authenticity through awakening the sisterhood in order for all women to flourish.
EmbodyBirth Training Therapeutic childbirth education classes incorporating dance, movement, somatic practises, sacred circle, creative arts and more. Once completed and passed you will receive a formal Certificate as a EmbodyBirth™ teacher and be listed on:
1. Maha's website www.mahaalmusa.com under: "Find A teacher"
2. Receive via email all logos for promotion
3. You will be able to use ALL of our registered and copyright names –EmbodyBirth™ - BellydanceBirth® and Bellydance For Birth – The Al Musa Method® as well as our logos. These also need to be displayed on all teachers written, audio and visual materials for your own promotion.
4. Receive valuable copyright materials from an osteopath and physiotherapist to further understand the bio mechanics of the BellydanceBirth® movements.
5. Be given a list of recommended readings.
6. Be a part of a closed Facebook page - EmbodyBirth™ teachers.
7. An annual membership fee of A$95 (subject to change at the discretion of EmbodyBirth™) payable by 25th June at latest each year. Accreditation gives you the honor of carrying this knowledge forward so pregnant women can receive this transmission of the sacred sisterhood to cultivate a worldwide sense of heart-centred birthing.
EmbodyBirth Training

EmbodyBirth Training

Maha Al Musa is a mother of three, dancer, author and doula and has been belly dancing since childhood and teaching BellydanceBirth® since 1997 in Byron Bay, Australia. She has taught the art of belly dance to many women of all ages and stages of pregnancy as a birthing preparation. Maha's work has spread internationally as midwives and birth professionals embrace and reclaim this sacred birthing knowledge. She had her last baby at home in the water at 46 years of age and breastfed her till she was 7. In 2008 she released her Award Winning World First Book, "Dance Of The Womb". This book is endorsed by NACE (Australia), Sheila Kitzinger, Dr. Michel Odent and Dr. Sarah Buckley. In 2009, Maha released her follow-on DVD, also endorsed by NACE (Australia) and ADC, that feature 2 hours of exercise and a documentary of her homebirth at 46 years of age. EmbodyBirth™ can act as a purposeful tool to help a woman before she steps into the gateway of birth. It can help bridge the gap between the primal brain (which knows how to give birth) and the modern woman (who may need to be reminded of her instinctual capacity), assisting her to claim back her most basic and inherent right as the Deliverer of Life. The smooth, undulating movements of BellydanceBirth® aid a woman's ability to deal with her labour in an opening rather than restrictive fashion. The soothing rocking motions of the circular and figure eight movements set the scene for a birthing woman to flow with the natural rhythms of her labouring body and become connected to Nature and the Universe. Emotionally the birth dance opens up a well of feelings that cannot be easily locked away in pregnancy. A woman's birthing heart centre resides within the pelvis and hip area. This region is often fraught with locked-up, painful, sexual memory. Many women find that they are very tight and rigid here and when they begin to belly dance they may at first find it difficult to loosen up the area or even to make connection with this part of their body. It is as though the dance beckons a woman to stand in the light of her truth and feel her conscious presence revealing itself deep within her birthing body with her precious baby. It is a wonderfully relevant birth preparation because of this dual acceptance of emotion and physicality.
Constance Williams, Doula - San Francisco, USA "Thank you Maha ~ Today was a feast of wonderful ideas, deep processing, fabulous technique and the most satisfying calm assurance validating woman's wisdom. I loved every moment and look forward to reviewing the ideas you shared and working through ways to move this information and intelligence out to the mamas in my world. You are a beautiful teacher and have a very important message to impart. I look forward to learning more from you in the future. I hope many more doulas, midwives, yoga teachers and birth keepers learn these valuable insights from you as well. You understand the heart of birthing" Joanne Prior, Midwifery Educator - Bankstown Hospital, Sydney, Australia "The EmbodyBirth workshop was fun, invigorating and inspiring. As a midwife I am reminded of the need to allow women to use their intuition and move with gentle swaying and circling to release endorphin's, to exercise, assist with pain relief in labour and position their baby ready for birth. Maha teaches both midwives and the women they support, that belly dance is a very effective strategy to gain confidence and empower women."

Sydel Weinstein, Family Nurturing Centre, Perth

"I highly recommend this EmbodyBirth™ professional training with Maha Al Musa. Maha is now recognized internationally for her contribution to working with women in pregnancy, preparing for birth, empowering and connecting women to their bodies with the soft mystical circular moves of BellydanceBirth. Her knowledge and understanding of moving the pregnant body and birth is intuitive, extensive and inspiring. Recognized by the Australian College Of Midwives (ACM). EmbodyBirth™ works well in conjunction with Yoga as an excellent additional skillset for yoga teachers of pregnancy or for anyone who supports and works with pregnant women. Midwives, Doula's, Educators, Doctors, Counsellors and Mothers."

Prartho, Doula "The day was amazing. I was very surprised that EmbodyBirth™ and BellydanceBirth was more than just pregnant women dancing. Maha has beautifully shown that this ancient and sensual form of dancing is highly beneficial for women when they birth. I could feel my own pelvis loosen and release with these simple and effective movements. It was so relaxing and centring. I am very eager to share this with pregnant and birthing women."   Claire Eccleston, Midwife "Kia ora. Thank you Maha for bringing your sacred self, knowledge and wisdom to share with us. The environment and teaching tools were beautiful and helpful and helped encourage the feeling of being a "queen". The practical components helped to give a "somatic" body wisdom understanding of the theory. Thank you for coming to stand in your truth and speaking the voice of the feminine so that she may continue to live wild and strong in our world."   Kima, Youth worker Childbirth Educator - Darwin and remote Communities, Australia "To move to feel and to hear the sweet sounds of the Belly Dance of Maha was inspiring and uplifting for my work as a Childbirth Educator and made me feel one as a wombmen. I Loved it! To feel the essence of the Dance of the Womb is every wommmmmmmmmbbens right- lets spread the magic of the Dance of the Womb and of Maha"   Emma, Mums and Bubs Yoga Teacher, Red Tent Yoga - Australia "Maha embodies the essence of bellydance. She exudes strength and femininity in the same moment and seeing Maha move is a profound and powerful experience. As her work extends into EmbodyBirth™ she continues to inspire women to find their inner strength and sensuality through the feminine circles and spirals of bellydance. Maha teaches in a practical, hands-on way that enables women to learn the techniques of bellydance for birth while sharing technical and well researched information on the history, culture and effectiveness of this beautiful, ancient dance that honours women as living goddesses."   Erin, Pregnancy Massage Therapist, Sydney, Australia "I loved the ability to learn techniques to tap into the natural movements women have used in labour for centuries, and have it presented to me in an informative, factual way. Being pregnant myself at the time of the course, it helped me gather more information on how to help birth my baby. Thank you Maha."  

Fiona Glover, mother and psycho therapist

"The EmbodyBirth™ training was delivered in such a soulful, compassionate and inspiring manner. I appreciated the way Maha could weave the spiritual and scientific together with such eloquence. She has such insight into the landscape of birth and how birth can operate as such a powerful opening and healing process for women if they can just tap into their innate wisdom and divine feminine nature. The space she holds is nurturing, supportive and reflective, she allows the participant to journey inwards and find gems of wisdom and acceptance of what lies within and to bring these forward with movement, colour, song, and creativity. It was such a pleasure to be held on this journey. Thank you Maha."

  Sita, Doula and Mother "Doing EmbodyBirth™ training has inspired me as a woman and birth worker beyond belief! It is how all women should learn childbirth education, internally resonating with the information so it connects deeply with their feminine being. I have found my heart, song and dance …….my gift of bringing mindful movement to awaken birth wisdom in its entirety to the world. It encompasses all that I love. Maha I feel honoured and blessed that I can now bring your work to women and their babies. One step, one birth at a time we will create peace on Earth!"   Anita Dempsey "I loved the teachings and knowledge that Maha has shared. I feel more in touch with my body, my innate wisdom of how important movement is. I feel inspired to learn more about EmbodyBirth and I feel I have gained an expansion within myself that I have the knowledge within. I am my own best birthing person. I feel informed with moving forward and feel the energy deep within myself and my pelvis. I feel energised, loved and feel so much reverence for the process of birth and the healing that come from this amazing experience. Thank you Maha for coming to NZ."
EmbodyBirth Training

EmbodyBirth Training

General The price indicated is for the four (4) days face-to-face with Maha and the opportunity to create your business and run EmbodyBirth™ classes. Full price: AUS$1,495 per person.

A non-refundable deposit of AUS$250 upon registration is required.

Full payment must be completed at least 2 weeks before course starts.

Early Bird price: AUS$1,200* per person. A non-refundable deposit of AUS$250 upon registration is required. *Early Bird ends 4 weeks before Teacher Training starting date in Australia, and you will be advised for International Teacher Training.

Full payment must be completed 4 weeks before course starts in Australia and you will be advised for International course.

Past Trainees Please Note

If you have attended Maha's EmbodyBirth™ training in previous years and wish to refresh at any of her new courses the price is $150 per day or $500 for the 4 days.

Payment Plan Available:

A payment plan leading to the start date of the course is available. Contact Maha Today

Full price: AUS$1,495

A non-refundable deposit of AUS$250 upon registration is required.

Read Term & Conditions Here.
There is an opportunity for those whom have a venue to help me with promotion and assistance on training days to receive and incentive in exchange for the use of the venue. Read Term & Conditions Here.
There will be one reduced price place provided for each training for those in financial hardship.
Send an email to : info@mahaalmusa.com Contact Maha Today "May you dance to the rhythm of the music as you give birth to the rhythm of your body and the rhythm of life. Peace and Love" - Maha Al Musa
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