Its very important that birth keepers who are interested in my EmbodyBirth™ certification, sacred somatic teacher training must understand that you do not need to be a professional dancer as a prerequisite to undertake this training.

In fact in some ways its best if you haven’t got an imprint of what a dancer in culture looks like!

What you need is a passionate drive to elevate birth into a respectful place of feminine expression for both mother/ baby/family well being and reverence to uplift the consciousness of Love on this planet.

To know that birth holds the key for Humanity and that by inspiring mothers that the Living Book is Within,we can create a pathway toward this connection to what is scared and essential for world peace.

I ask women…

“Do you have a heartbeat?”


“Then you can dance!”

“Does your baby have a heartbeat?”


“Then together you can dance the Rhythm of Birth”