The EmbodyBirth™ program was conceived out of a need for women to have another perspective and pathway of childbirth philosophy alongside the medical model. The basic tenement of the program is to view birth within a compassionate and understanding framework where mother and baby are at the centre of the experience.

EmbodyBirth™ invites a woman to come home to her own hands, heart, womb and baby. Aligning with the feminine language of birth ensures that we will see birth as a rite of passage – a pinnacle journey that women embrace and NOT fear. Here we have an opportunity for growth and transformation where feelings can be faced and experienced in an authentic way. A wonderful precursor to the initiation that is motherhood.

When we can view birth as a deeply embodied, loving experience that accepts all we are in every unfolding moment, we heal birth. EmbodyBirth™ chooses to hold a woman in this love essence so she can experience every emotion that arises in a safe space.

The program encourages us to nurture and accept with non-judgemental inclusivity, a woman with her baby, so she can be all she needs to be in every unfolding moment. There is no greater gift we can offer as care providers than to create environments where a birthing mother can genuinely be seen, heard and understood in her authenticity.

The secret of birth is that when we hold a woman in love, her body will more easily open.

So, EmbodyBirth™ pre-natal classes are designed to provide a sacred, safe space for women to connect deeply with their emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic bodies to know that all they feel and who they are is valid. When a woman can feel herself with her baby in this place of autonomy and safety, she is more likely to birth with confidence, inner strength and self-reliance.

The pathway to truly EmbodyBirth™ in Maha’s program, is through the ancient art of BellydanceBirth®.


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