These videos are from my LIVE Dance of the Womb book readings on Facebook. Each day I introduced one BellydanceBirth® movement dance chapter and went on to explain its immense benefits when practiced during your pregnancy and consequently during labour. Followed by a Q & A session. We covered the following movements:

Day 1 – The Circle
Day 2 – The Spiral
Day 3 – The Figure 8
Day 4 – The Cervix
Day 5 – The Hands and Arms
Day 6 – The Chest


[VIDEO 1]: A Short Pre-Reading Story (Why I Decided to Write the Book)



[VIDEO 2]: From “The Circle” Chapter.



[VIDEO 3]: From “The Spiral” Chapter.



[VIDEO 4]: From “The Figure 8” Chapter.



[VIDEO 5]: From “The Cervix” Chapter.



[VIDEO 6]: From “The Hands and Arms” Chapter.



[VIDEO 7]: From “The Chest” Chapter.



Learn more about Dance of the Womb and get your copy of the book here.