Curiousity and Harmonics as birth preparation.

I have been teaching EmbodyBirth, a movement and energetic based childbirth education program, since 1997, using the principles of bellydancebirth as a platform of guidance to engage with ones inner wisdom and connection to baby. Creative exercises are also woven in and around and through the childbirth education that supports the way in which birth unfolds, from the feminine perspective at centre.

My offerings work to access emotional and energetic states of inquiry into the mothers physical body and it’s relationship to herself, her baby and her environment. In order for ones physical body to surrender and open for birth one needs to have an awareness of emotional and energetic states as they interplay with mind, heart, body and spirit. We flow as harmonics and constriction, looking for protection, for release or some other state along the spectrum of these emotional configurations. We are also having to integrate the mother line and her stories processing many aspects of ourselves that we have inherited.

The idea of EmbodyBirth is to firstly understand this vast integration and create safe spaces of allowance so in pregnancy mothers have an opportunity to feel rather than think their navigation as they are lead into the birthing gateway. There is no judgement or criticism only space for wonderment and curiosity asking of the self “why I am feeling what I feel?”. Then there is an opportunity through the beautiful dance movements and open free space to wander in to the corridors of these emotional end energetic spaces with baby. It is here when we are fully supported within our autonomy that the softening and caressing of our internal landscape can take place and the body will respond to this dance of life in a way that it feels most conducive in each and every moment.

Birth is like this …….. It needs times of space and recoil within the emotional body in order for the physical body to respond as its own integrity within the integration. The baby also dances it’s own tune in relation to itself as well as it’s mothers configuration and influence. Nobody can pre empt or rush a mystical process and place it into a set up then place pressure on the mother; who is living breathing pulsating with life force and expect her to jump to your demands. Sometimes when we are with a mother through the rhythmic birthing journey we need to tune in and immerse in the stillness of time and the pulsing of her breath in order to understand what and whom is she responding to. There can be moments as magnificent as a mountain or as subtle as a gentle breeze. Birth is akin to a poem of life’s longing to reveal its heart – it is time we stopped exploiting its beauty and started to feel its aesthetics and support women in their choices by providing birth education that explores these kinds of understandings. This will benefit us all as we too immerse in a spiritual practise of patience, acceptance, and compassion. Mothers and babies need our gentle mindful presence. The world needs birth to be placed on the throne of nobility – the time has come – the time is now.

Maha Al Musa
Tokyo Japan
Founder of EmbodyBirth since 1997 and spiritual birth visionary, birth educator and activist. Maha is passionate about birth being a mother baby centred experience and that the emotional and spiritual aspects of birthing need to be voiced and addressed through mindful intention so we can raise the level of love consciousness for all of Humanity.