There is always a lot of talk about how we can change the world and specifically how we can do this from a woman’s perspective? So many wonderful ideas and thoughts shared, looking at where change can happen. I wholeheartedly support discussion and action.

In my eyes, a woman’s voice must always be placed on the round table of discussion. I have been saying this for a very long time.

“Women are half the population and need to be heard.”

And not heard speaking the hierarchical language of the masculine, they need to be heard speaking from their own point of view that does not necessarily take the stance of being defensive and aggressive in manner.

I do understand that frustration causes us to, at times, lose our composure and that is okay! Still, can we speak a woman’s truth whilst staying within integrity and centred calmness sharing how things are for women from our perspective. Not in search of approval and acceptance from the other sex in search of equality and balance.

What I clearly see with discussions around how we can change the world so a woman’s perspective, needs and wants are recognized and a given, is that pregnancy, birth and mothering as a continuum, one that has a wide berth impact on Humanity’s evolution, is mostly left out of the equation.

I cannot understand how one of the most important aspects of a how we are born is not placed in reverence and in a prominent position to be addressed on this topic. Many birth keepers, like myself, are doing so much to bring light to the importance of this time, this rite of passage, yet I ask;

“Is this reverberated as a global consciousness?”

Birth MUST be taken seriously for the sake of all of Humanity.

So then, I ask how can we elevate the birth arena where society can understand that birth truly matters?????On a global scale??

So that birth is revered and mothers and babies are at centre.

Mothers are autonomous and retain sovereignty without the need to be cut down and disabled?

Through birth, a mother’s voice is activated and those gifts that come from this are shared in the world and further recognized as having an impact on how we can achieve the coming together of great minds and Hearts.

This alone could make a revolutionary change to women’s lives globally in a very fundamental way. We are all connected through the lives of women. We do not live in isolation from Her.

This also does not take away from those who choose to not have children, as womb wisdom carries the energy of birthing many things – new perspectives, new ideas, old ways, ancient lineage, creativity, expansion, evolution, clearing and so much more.

A woman’s voice is essential and her contribution to the world essential to create balance.