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How Maha’s Book  “Dance of the Womb” : The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth was born…

In the year 2000, the father of my two boys and I went on a round the world trip to visit our respective families in England and Lebanon. We decided to make our last stop the gorgeous islands of Western Samoa to have a month of total relaxation. It was paradise untouched – amazing warm ocean seas, white sands, relaxed easy lifestyle, fresh food and sunny skies.
One afternoon I was sitting on the white sands with my two naked sons happily splashing in the ocean shore when a lovely woman traveller sat beside me. We got chatting and she asked what I did – I told her I had been teaching a prenatal class of BellydanceBirth® inspiring women to connect to their bodies, babies, innate birth wisdom etc for a few years.

She was impressed and wanted to know more. As we spoke about women’s empowerment she looked me in the eye with her soft gentle eyes dancing in excitement and said –
“You need to write about this. All women need to know your thoughts and teachings on natural birth and how to release fears and feel strong for birthing”.

Something about her words and conviction penetrated deep into my psyche and I knew she was right!
As soon as we returned home I got stuck into writing my book Dance Of The Womb. Every day I wrote – whether breastfeeding, cooking, housework I wrote and wrote.
The words just naturally spilled out of me with ease and flow – I was so excited to be able to write and share my philosophy, birth experience, love of pregnancy and dance for birth ….

I completed and then self published my beautiful hard copy book, 7.5 years after this meeting in Samoa, when pregnant with my daughter Aminah. I was so proud to have been awarded gold in the USA Living Now self published authors book awards as well as to be endorsed by Dr Michel Odent, Sheila Kitzinger, Dr Sarah Buckley – some of my favourite birth luminaries.

My follow on DVD was made when I was 33 weeks pregnant with my daughter in 2008 – bringing to life all the dance moves as well as my home birth film at 46 – it also won an award – readers choice.

My book and DVD have been bought by mothers and birth professionals alike worldwide and brought great joy to birthing and inspiration that your body knows birth with your baby and to never forget that everything you need is within you! Never forget this.

Maha’s First World Winning Award book and DVD: “Dance of the Womb” are rich and a precious gift of information for anyone involved in the birth industry and of course for ALL pregnant women who wish to learn about active birth to improve their labour and natural birth experience.


The Book is Endorsed by Dr. Michel Odent and Sheila Kitzinger


The DVD is endorsed by the Australia Doula College & National Association of Childbirth Educators Australia

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