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Dance of the Womb : The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth

A very unique and beautiful crafted book and DVD written and produced by Maha Al Musa from EmbodyBirth™.

The Book and DVD are an inspiring and excellent ressources for all professionals of the birth Industry.

Dance of the Womb’ is AN AWARD WINNING WORLD FIRST, this 280 colour page book specifically details the enormous benefits of using the movements of belly dance as a birth dance. It instructs a woman on how to make use of this ancient wisdom to ease and empower your passage to motherhood.

A truly rare and inspiring DVD perfect for all pregnant women.
Running time 2hours and 50 minutes.

Maha’s DVD features a 45 minute dance/stretch warm up as well as six bellydancebirth® dance technique chapters.

There is also an added bonus feature of Maha’s homebirth at 46 years of age, set against a background conversation with two wonderful midwives.


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