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November 30, 2017
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December 11, 2017
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Frustrations as a Birth Worker

Birth worker frustrations

Briefly and completely spontaneous answer!!

The loss of Heart and Humanity and understanding the true nature of the sacredness of birth…

Birth has become a business in a hierarchical model and many birth workers have bought into this (whether midwife or independent educator). By turning birth into a business we have boxed it so it no longer roams freely, organically and intuitively.

You cannot limit an expansive experience that is “Birth“, lock it in chains and then expect mothers and babies to birth within this limitation and cage where the “body” is oppressed and suppressed by rules and regulations. This is the antithesis of the birthing essence!

Fear and trauma are the catch cries of birth now where it used to be love, sacredness, spirituality, ancient wisdom, feminine knowing and more…

We need to return to back to the basics of birthing because we have intellectualized the process to such a degree that so many are in terror and tension.

My work in EmbodyBirth™ of the past 20 years has emphasized the possibility of birth as a spiritual practice/rite of passage rather than a fearful disabling experience…

I keep asking birth workers, midwives etc.

“Why is it we have MORE education available to mothers and worse outcomes???? Ask yourselves this question and ponder upon its answer?? How can we make real change ??”

First and foremost, it must come from within…

Women/men must self inquire and live the way they want to see this change in birth.

How do you navigate your life? Birth is not separate from life. Don’t box it. Let it breathe.

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