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Birth Stories

  • Rebecca le Harle – Natural Birth

    I was first introduced to belly dancing for pregnancy and birth at a one day pregnancy retreat when I was 4 months pregnant…

  • Rani – Natural Birth

    It was the most magical birth and the most amazing experience of my life. I was in control, my body was ready, my baby was positioned optimally…

  • M.D 4th child- Natural Birth

    I can attest to the efficacy of Maha’s moves and instructions on this DVD that she teaches you to use during birthing…

  • >Anon Natural Birth

    “My first wasn’t a nice experience at all. It was hell but i used Maha’s tips for my second and i absolutely loved the birth! I felt in control, it eased the pain, was calming and it quickened the pace…

  • Aira Natural Birth

    “The Bellydance for Birth methods plugged me into my primordial Mother Self, that Body of Wisdom and Enjoyment that we all come into when we become Mothers. I had knowledge about things I consciously may not have touched on…

  • Shannon Natural Birth

    “I just had baby #3 and my midwife commented, “I’ve never seen such mobility in hips before. You should be a belly dancer.” Indeed, I used your DVD again in pregnancy and was useful in labor. My baby was born in 93 min!”


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