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Birth & Pregnancy

Birth Satsang  hosted by two Birth Visionaries.

Maha Al Musa spiritual birth visionary is an experienced mother of 3 and the founder of EmbodyBirth™ since 1997. Read her full Biography Here.

Cécile Colares is a pregnancy yoga teacher, massage therapist, doula in training and a new mum of 2. Read her full Biography Here.

What is Maha & Cécile Birth Satsang?

These Birth Satsang were created to offer the community a place where the women and their partner can connect, engage and exchange on the subject of birth where everybody feels included.

Maha and Cécile combine their experience by creating a warm, gentle and supportive environment where the women and their partner are heard and free to express whatever they feel about their journey through pre-conception.

“We will open the circle to discussion, questions and answers to de-mystify birth and share our collective knowledge of the truth around the purpose of birth and to inspire us all to know that the innate wisdom of birth resides in every woman. Birth is an organic process and it is essential to acknowledge it as such for a comfortable and satisfying birth experience.

To encourage and support you as a woman to know that “The living book is within – read her”. We need to gather as a human spiritual family in this arena of bringing babies Earth side knowing we have a loving caring community to support us.

Pregnancy and birthing Birth Satsang

If you are pregnant you are invited to come and sit within the sacred circle. Listen and ask questions, be encouraged to also look within and find the answers and what works for you intuitively on your extraordinary Rite of Passage journey. On the other side of the noise and distraction are two heartbeats beating in unison within you that connect you both to the rhythmic beat of life and to every one who has come before you and will come after you. Humanity has the potential to raise the consciousness of Love through the way babies are gestated and birthed.

Partners are welcome

Babies in arms

One love, one heart.

Bring a cushion, a blanket or anything for your comfort

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