In the arena of pregnancy birth, breastfeeding and beyond I see an escalation in the suffocation of women’s body knowing.

Why is this happening? From where is the source?

It is disturbing to see that medical authorities tend to have an unbridled law unto themselves where they feel it is their right to dictate to, question and undermine a woman’s self referenced guidance into body autonomy. A woman’s views, needs and inherent knowing are often ridiculed, shamed, disregarded and manipulated by those who believe they are the ultimate experts.

This expert dominance needs to take a step back from “a know it all attitude” and begin to realise that there are many mothers who are capable and intelligent, informed and resourceful in navigating their own path. The delineation from this path that happens regularly through coercion and manipulation quite frankly needs to be reigned in.

The expression of the feminine has her own song and dance that needs to be respected and honoured for its gifts to the world. We need to come to a sensible place where a mother with her children are free to make choices that come from their own cultivated gardens and in unison with partners and families.

If and when a mother needs to reach out for further knowledge, guidance or help we must trust that she will do this. The bulldozing of a woman’s innate wisdom in conjunction with the denial that this wisdom actually exists will contribute to the downfall of any society.  The future of our children are at stake – their well being, their health, their strength, their future.

When we deliberately take away a woman’s right to birthing from self determination with her children, partner and her offerings within her communities, we are walking a path that doesn’t serve the highest nobility for Humanity which is to permeate Love consciousness in order to bring us closer and deeper to connection and heal the fragments of fear so many live in.

A wiser and more gentle approach from those in expert positions, is to embody a respectful, observant posture in order to uphold a container of support that truly listens and cares. From this place of witness and respect decisions can be made in the best interest of mother and baby.

Birth is a portal to the Heart of Humanity and it is in our hands.


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