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Birth Consultant

’Maha Al Musa’ Professional Birth Consultant

In addition to speaking engagements Maha is also available as an advisor to hospital staff: Doctors, Obstetricians, Midwives  to support them in creating environments that support a woman’s emotional, energetic and physical needs in birth in order for her to feel safe and comfortable to open for birth.

The importance of understanding birth from the perspective of a woman and her baby’s needs in these areas creates a more conducive and loving attitude for an as nature intended birth to unfold. Hospitals that embrace these foundational lore’s of birth have the potential to attract more clients who resonate with this kind of birthing atmosphere.

When birth is revered and honoured not just as a purely physical act but as a rite of passage experience and when those who support women weave this understanding in to their clinical practise then we will see positive changes occur. A woman who can be self referenced, feels understood and genuinely seen and heard in birth without pretense, will have a more satisfying experience. The baby too will experience the same field of love so they too can embody an imprint of birth that feels safe and secure.

Further, incorporating an understanding of the positive nature of delayed cord clamping, skin to skin practise, bonding and  attachment especially in the first hour after birth, water birth, necessity of the microbiome for gut health, breastfeeding etc is all important in the post birth period or as I like to refer to the honorary fourth trimester.. These attitudes and considerations bring us to a deeper more humane understanding of what birth can truly look and feel like so we can create mindful intentions and peaceful possibilities for all women and their babies to feel safe, secure, supported, heard and most importantly loved.

Through her birth consultancy Maha will share how this kind of gentle liaising between mothers and carers can be achieved.

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Birth is a Sacred Rite of Passage ~ Maha Al Musa ~

Birth Consultant

Professional Birth Consultant

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