Hi everyone! I have a series of 8 videos I would like to share with you called Why Belly Dance for Birth?

If you are a pregnant mum-to-be and are interested in how belly dancing can help you prepare for a natural, non-intrusive, and positive birth experience, these videos are for you. The information is timeless. So go ahead and dive straight in!

[VIDEO 1]: What is the blueprint of birth? Or as I call it “The Living Book Within” that is passed through the Mother line and reminds you that you are the expert of birth.



[VIDEO 2]: How BellydanceBirth® instills a positive body image for mothers-to-be.



[VIDEO 3]: How BellydanceBirth® strengthens your pelvic floor, releases your lower back to relieve pain, and creates fluidity as your baby grows and your uterus expands.



[VIDEO 4]: How BellydanceBirth® allows you to slow down, release the “feel-good” hormones, relax, and connect you emotionally with yourself and your precious baby.



[VIDEO 5]: How BellydanceBirth® acts as an anchor during labour as you meet the birth contractions (or as I like to call them expansions).



[VIDEO 6]: How BellydanceBirth® create awareness of the connection between your pelvis and jaw, cervix and lips, and throat and vagina.



[VIDEO 7]: How BellydanceBirth® eases your fear and dread of the pain of labour.



[VIDEO 8]: How BellydanceBirth® helps to move your baby into an optimal position for childbirth.



Ready to start learning belly dancing? I have included my method of BellydanceBirth® in all six dance chapters in module 4 of my powerful EmbodyBirth online birth preparation program. You may sign up for the course HERE to reap the benefits of dance in your pregnancy and birthing journey.

Always dance from your heart!