There are 8 videos to watch in this series of videos called Why Belly Dance for Birth.

*Note: These videos were filmed during my Birthday Flash Sale promo (which, unfortunately is no longer valid) but the information I share in each video is TIMELESS! So go ahead, dive straight in.


[VIDEO 1]: What is the blueprint of birth? Or as I call it “The Living Book Within” that is passed through the Mother line and reminds you that you are the expert of birth.



[VIDEO 2]: How can BellydanceBirth® instill a positive body image for mothers-to-be.



[VIDEO 3]: The importance of strengthening and releasing your pelvic floor (the muscles, tissues and nerves that support the bladder, rectum, uterus and other pelvic organs) for birth. And how BellydanceBirth® can release your lower back to relieve pain and create fluidity as your baby grows and your uterus expands.



[VIDEO 4]: How BellydanceBirth® allows you to slow down and release the feel good hormones to relax and connect emotionally with yourself and your precious baby.



[VIDEO 5]: How BellydanceBirth® gives you focus and an anchor during labour as you meet the birth contractions (or as I like to call them expansions).



[VIDEO 6]: How the BellydanceBirth® movements through the body creates awareness of the connection between your pelvis and jaw, cervix and lips and throat and vagina.



[VIDEO 7]: How can BellydanceBirth® ease fear and your dread of the pain of labour.



[VIDEO 8]: How can BellydanceBirth® help to move your baby into an optimal position using gravity with its head or bag of waters pressing down on your cervix.



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