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Learn easy and gentle belly dance movements for pregnancy and birth. No previous dance experience (belly dance or otherwise) necessary!

BellydanceBirth® is an award winning prenatal dance exercise programme designed to inspire women in pregnancy to prepare you for a positive birth experience, alleviating fears and encouraging trust in the beauty of your body’s birthing wisdom.

Practicing the BellydanceBirth® exercises will:

  1. Give you comfort. The gentle dance movements can help welcome contractions (or as I call expansions) and dissipate painful sensations that arise during labour.
  2. Help you navigate through the birth rhythms. So you can feel confident and capable in managing your labour.
  3. Help release feel good hormones as you shut the world out and expand deeply into your body.
  4. Release you from the fear of childbirth. You will learn to birth through your fear rather than birth in fear.
  5. Help you remain calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey by using movement, sound and breath.
  6. Help to connect you to your precious baby.


Part 1: Gentle Prenatal Stretching Exercises (Warmups)

Part 1 consists of stretching exercises divided into 4 sections to ensure your whole body is invigorated and activated.

  • Seated Positions
  • Kneeling and Seated Positions
  • Moving Up Positions
  • Standing Up Positions

Warm up stretches as a part of your prenatal practice ensure that your body, along with your baby is conditioned for childbirth so that your muscles and joints can freely move into the birthing positions during labour.

Part 2: BellydanceBirth® Dance Exercises

Part 2 consists of the BellydanceBirth® dance exercises divided into 6 sections. No previous dance experience is necessary!

  • The Circle
  • The Spiral
  • The Figure 8
  • The Cervix
  • The Hands and Arms
  • The Chest