Back to basics birthing – A mind – body – spirit connection – integrating ancient lore with science.

Mindful Movement To Awaken Birth Wisdom – weaving the principles of Bellydance for Birth and spiritually aligned, practically guided childbirth education – a spoken rhythm danced from the feminine voice – is an ancient art that brings birth back into the heart womb and body of a woman.

When a woman dances throughout pregnancy she has an opportunity to tune in to where her baby is positioned and which positions she needs to move her body. It is an empowering tool because it directs the mothers intuitive knowing so she becomes the expert in this her rite of passage journey. The circle spiral and figure 8 movements practised as mindful movements in pregnancy can be modified and adapted in labour.

For eg in pregnancy when a mother dances by rotating her hips in circular form this helps to loosen ligaments and release pelvic joints as well as encourage baby into an optimal position. The mother can also connect with her baby to intuit where and how it is lying within her womb and pelvis.

Then in labour itself she can modify these circular movements as she welcomes and dances into the rhythms and expansions of labour. Her intuitive awareness will be activated and she will know how to move her pelvis and whole body releasing tension and surrendering into labour expansions. She may for eg choose to lift up one foot placing it on to a small step or chair and rotate her pelvis on one side to re position baby and create space on one side of her pelvis.

She may move in expanded larger hip circles with breath and sound, perhaps leaning against a partner or on a ball or leaning against a wall or chair and deeply circling and spiralling being guided by her baby and inner wisdom.

The mantra that I share that supports mother as expert is that the “living book is within – read her.” – Maha Al Musa