A reflection

A part of me, as an independent childbirth educator, founder of EmbodyBirth for the past 22 years, really feels we need to seriously re address- back to birth basics – and what drives our mammalian instincts for birthing. How a woman’s body opens or closes in relation to the environment she is in – and the people who are in this environment – how do these basics of physiology and psychology affect a mother and babies ability to birth with a sense of surrender, safety and security or fear, tension, anxiety.?

These are the foundations of understanding how birth works and seem to get lost in translation.


How and who we birth with, is also a very subjective decision when we self inquire and ask ourselves “what brings me a sense of safety”? Ten women may give ten different answers that will also have an impact on the fundamentals of the back to birth basics principles.

A good place to start is to predominantly get out of our heads and intellect, soften into our own bodies and hearts and look through the lens of birth as woman/baby centered.

Are we doing everything we can to create a climate of compassion and care that is not ego or vested driven?
Are we looking after mothers in a way that they feel secure?
What drives birth?
What drives women’s choices?
Who defines the care???

The hierarchical paradigm that many women are assuming (that is governed in domination by the system) is not at its core the way of the feminine – we need to remain in service to the sisterhood – part of the problem is the societal view of birth that escalates fear states in women’s bodies during pregnancy which is the antithesis of what is needed for birthing in love and with grace.


When and how can we unite in the field of discernment and acceptance for women’s choices and then provide equal maternal care that is not coming from a bullying energy but a deeply committed understanding that Birth is about Love at its most fundamental level?