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Anon natural birth

Amazing Beautiful birth!

“My first wasn’t a nice experience at all. It was hell but i used Maha’s tips for my second and i absolutely loved the birth! I felt in control, it eased the pain, was calming and it quickened the pace. I would recommend all mothers to use her techniques. No experience in dancing needed at all.

I also have a hip joint pains which this DVD helped with. I had a natural water birth with no pain killers unlike my first. My husband knew i was going to use this technique so he helped me along since he knew what to do and expect.

I didn’t  have months or weeks to practice as i only bought the DVD in my 8th month and i had my baby 3 weeks early but the little practice I did of those moves was easy enough to remember and I used the ones that I felt my body needed at that time to help with the pain and baby. I used those moves thru the whole of labour and birth.

Having more kids in the future depended a lot on this birth as I had a hell of a time with my first. All I can say is I look forward to having a third at the right time and I will definitely be using this technique again. It was amazing! I managed to get through all the contractions calmly and to actually anticipate and sort of “enjoy” them. Not to enjoy the pain but to enjoy their coming knowing I could manage and I’m getting through them well till the end without losing control or panicking or having too much of a hard time to continue.

My first was 23 hrs of labour this one was only 5 and a half hours!  I loved EVERY MINUTE of it. My baby was also born placid an calm something I was told happens to those who have a water birth and an enjoyable (so to speak) labour.

I recommend Maha’s DVD to all mothers! It’s definitely something to use or at least try out once. No two births and labour are ever the same but this technique definitely helps with easing it and coping.”

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