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I was corresponding with you in September before your arrival to Japan. I wanted to go to your workshop, but I was very close to delivery. Indeed, shortly I gave birth to a beautiful boy! I gave birth on the second of October, a few days after the full moon. It was a very amazing, astounding experience!
I was expecting any day around that time, and one night, I was doing my thing, routine, yet mindful all along, every day had become like a trance, waiting and listening to my body, tuning in to baby. That night, I became unaware of the time, feeling calm and joyous about baby. I took a bath, dried off and after oiling my belly, the show fell onto the floor! It was a while since blood came from there!! I calmly informed my partner…we called our midwife and she said to rest and wait for more signs of labor….anywhere from a few days to an hour. We got ready to drive to the birthing home just in case. It didn’t take an hour before the waves started, really faint like braxton hicks but with really short intervals! Like a minute. I didn’t even know at the time. Couple minutes later I was then feeling a heaviness in the waist, and I had to stop walking. I called my midwife and she said to come now.

The birthing center was about 50 minutes to an hour away…it was night, so luckily there was not much traffic. My partner sped to the center just in time…went into the birthing house, the waters broke on the floor of my reserved bedroom and the baby was born in 30 minutes. All in all, a 2 hour delivery. Totally unexpected for a first time labor!!! All went well, and the baby is wonderful!!! Nature is great! What a blessing!
All my image planning about how the birth is “supposed to be” totally went out the window. During the initial waves, soon after the show appeared, I did hip circles and figure 8s to smooth out the contracting muscles…then, in the car and at the home, it was happening so fast, it was about breath control and at later points focusing on not bearing down during the crowning. It was very positive, primal, and I learned so much. And yet it felt familiar to me somehow, not alien or scary at all.

The Bellydance for Birth methods plugged me into my primordial Mother Self, that Body of Wisdom and Enjoyment that we all come into when we become Mothers. I had knowledge about things I consciously may not have touched on, there was radiance to the things I did and felt both bodily and emotionally. Dancing and massaging the belly primed my womb and pelvis to perform at its best, and all other aspects of my body were thankfully healthy, I had access to a midwife and resources to facilitate such a birth with confidence and security (all blessings), and so I had a very natural and healthy birth. All things were aligned, the Moon, the Sun, and the Seasons with my Body and my Baby. Our Minds were one, and when I was ready, so was baby. And that is how we danced throughout the pregnancy and birth with divine timing. It is a wonderful power and birthright, this Dance.
There is a 7 month pregnant woman in my village that just moved in. She is reminding me of that time, and it is nostalgic. 🙂 I am going to pass the bellydance for birth to her if she is interested. Bellydance for Birth is rolling and rotating around! I enjoy breastfeeding and I plan to do it for as long as baby and I feel is good.
Thank you Maha

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