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Maha_portrait_credits“Maha’s counselling style is very much based on an insightful spiritual guidance with practical suggestions. Maha will support you by being an ear to hear your heart in a non judgemental and loving space. Maha will hold you in your own authenticity as together we walk into the garden of your heart through self inquiry with ease and gentleness.”

When society tries to manage a woman’s full expression of her femininity and squeezes her into a box of limited view she cannot ever fully be free to open her heart. She will always be at call and control of the other.

“I am tired as a woman to see us not able to express the full range of our emotional worlds without being labelled, compartmentalized and managed and numbed down.”

Women cannot give birth to themselves or another when they cannot express and paint a canvas of their true nature……let us be wild and free or demure and sexy and everything in between.
Let a woman just be a woman without rules, do not cage the spirit of the tiger or the grace of the deer.

Maha’s definition of Self inquiry  is setting the intention to look into oneself in a non judgmental and compassionate way. To become aware of one’s imprints, conditioning’s, behavior through being witness and the player in the dance of our relating.

In this modern day where the ancient wisdom of life’s most fundamental experience – birth to motherhood – is being hijacked by power, greed, fear and misinformation Maha’s Wise Womban Counselling endeavors to reinstate the knowledge of the bodies birthing wisdom back into the fabric of society – into the Feminine and thus into Humanity by reminding women of their innate capacity to weave the story of Love’s blueprint on this Sacred Journey. Maha is also available for fertility and conception support and relationship support.

Maha helps you to navigate through the channels of your own self inquiry so you can languish in an open heart and non judgmental space with your self outside of the conditioning and controls that may have contributed to certain imprints. Maha supports your transformation and inquiry.

Maha is available to women who are looking for inspiration, support and strength as they navigate the waves of this birthing rhythm and mothering journey, letting go of shame, guilt, fear, manipulation and distrust and instilling knowing, trust, strength, surrender, vulnerability, unraveling misconceptions and releasing into this deep well where all of Life originates.


Maha offers Skype or Face to Face sessions for counselling on various issues related to conception, pregnancy, birth and relationships.


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 What people have to say about working with Maha

“Maha has a very professional, caring and understanding manner. Being around her provided me with a sense of healing and calmness. i felt empowered, confident and stronger moving forward.” -Julie

“I have known Maha for a number of years. During this time she has been a support for me both spiritually, mentally and emotionally. her gentle empathetic and holistic approach guided me to make better choices in my life and look at things with a different perspective. I admire Maha for her knowledge and life experience. She is an educated and highly empathetic person. I feel privileged to have connected with her and have her support for many years through her coaching. I highly recommend Maha.” – Ms. L

” Sitting with Maha and feeling held, open and strong was a divine gift that I wish every woman could also have. One hour felt like a lifetime as we went so deep into my emotional layers. Helping me to let go of them and let it be.” – Ms B.

“I was stressed and depressed, overwhelmed, over worked underpaid, so I booked a session with Maha and viewed my life from a different perspective. From my first session with Maha I was able to find my inner power of womanhood and see y path clearly. I have made many changes that support the healing of myself. Maha’s approach was sensitive heart felt and supportive. Thanks Maha.” – Sarah

“I had some fears and questions around birth and decided to contact Maha to try a one on one counselling session with her. Our meeting went beyond my expectations,  she helped me to shift and transform my fears and guided me to find my confidence. Her knowledge on birth is vast and incredibly precious. She answered some very practical questions and brought me to find some spiritual answers for myself. I am so glad I could meet up with her few times during my pregnancy and after giving birth. She has been an amazing support for this beautiful transition of my life in becoming a mum. Many thanks.” – Jennifer

“Maha, I met you a while before I was even pregnant with my second child. You were so fascinating to me and I was really drawn to hearing you speak and you resonated with me so much!
When I said goodbye we briefly talked about when I might get pregnant again and you cupped my face in your hands and said ‘it will happen when its meant to, don’t even think about it’ and I left feeling as though you had put a little spell on me and my unborn baby (in a good way!) Sounds weird but you just had this aura around you!
‘Reading the book within ourselves’ has ever since been stuck in my head and I’ve thought so much about it and followed your pages and raved to my family about your lifestyle and how you birthed your own babies.
I fell pregnant by surprise only a few months after that chance meeting and she was born at Xmas. A two hour labour mostly by myself, born at home, no tearing, no complications and just a knowing of what both her and I had to do. It was almost as if she came out herself as there was hardly any pushing! Totally different to my first baby. My doula didn’t even
make the birth as it happened so quick and easily.

It might sound silly but everything leading up to her birth and before prepared me for this experience, the way birth should be and you were a huge influence. So I wanted to pass it on and let you know how much you are admired and how important it is that you really are helping women to read the book within them.” – Kerry Ann