Award Winning DVD Dance of the Womb. producer Maha Al Musa
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A truly rare and inspiring DVD perfect for all pregnant women and all professionals working with pregnant women.
Running time 2hours and 50 minutes.

Maha’s DVD features a 45 minute dance/stretch warm up as well as six bellydancebirth® dance technique chapters.

There is also an added bonus feature of Maha’s homebirth at 46 years of age, set against a background conversation with two wonderful midwives.
It is easy and gentle to follow being an important health and well being pre natal exercise for all pregnant women. The programme has clear instructions with beautiful music to empower you in pregnancy, alleviate fears and encourage you to trust in the beauty of your body’s birthing wisdom.

Product Description


Dance of the Womb DVD Trailer. Please watch and enjoy!

Dance of the Womb: The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth

Bellydancebirth® is a feminine and strengthening dance of the womb. It is low impact, increases flexibility and circulation, helps to reduce lower back pain as there is no pressure on the lower back when danced with bended knees, reduces stress bringing a woman into a place of tranquility, strengthens core muscles, and is great for the pelvic floor!

It fully grounds a woman in her pelvis whilst strongly connecting her to her baby. The movements are soft, round and Earthy which opens the birthing doorway and invites her to dance to the rhythm of birth. Bellydancebirth® truly honours every part of a woman’s life and birthing journey, as it acknowledges her innate connection to the “life” she carries within. Bellydance, being a very primal and instinctual dance of the feminine, carries memories of ancient knowledge that women have passed down through the ages.

Now in the 21 st century birthing mothers really need this sacred and potent knowledge to support their birthing process. We can affirm our emotional and spiritual connection to all women who have come before us and will come after, birthing our babies with awareness, autonomy and great strength by trusting in our bodies birthing wisdom.

“Remember you are never alone on this journey; draw strength from the sap of the tree of knowledge passed from woman to woman……surrender and soften…… you dance to the rhythm of the music as you give birth to the rhythm of your body and the rhythm of Life.” -Maha