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*****Maha was a guest speaker for the FREE online “I Love Men Summit” on the 18th July 2016. Maha was speaking on the 22nd July. She was part of an international line up of 30- experts on helping us to LOVE each other and connect to men in  reliable ways. — with Alison Armstrong, Arielle Ford, and more !*****

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Birth Rocks Academy: CLICK HERE to read Maha’s interview. Blog : Maha Al Musa on meeting our children’s needs, anywhere, anytime, until they’re ready to wean- Read the full article HERE.

2009 Interview for Dev Costumes, CLICK HERE to read


The Pregnancy Centre CLICK HERE to read Maha’s article about labour exercise, bellydance for Birth for labour.


An article that Maha wrote for Willow Magazine. Embodying Birth as a spiritual practice- A guide for the modern woman. Read Here the full article.

maha willow's article