Breastfeeding Advocacy

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This is Maha’s journey as a breastfeeding advocate and pioneer.

In early 2012 Maha Al Musa was reading a news story in TIME Magazine on the woman Jamie who was breastfeeding her 3.5 year old son. At that time Maha’s third child, her daughter was also 3.5 and still breastfeeding. Maha wrote a supportive comment “good on them for naturally breastfeeding. Mother and child know best. This is biologically normal. I am 49 and breastfeeding my 3.5 year old.”

Before she knew it Maha was contacted by an Australian online news program to tell her story and that set the ball rolling. She was happy to stand in the role as an advocate for awareness of  public breastfeeding, child led weaning, biological norm breastfeeding.

She was interviewed as a guest on Sunrise TV Channel 7 Australia and interviewed for Australian Woman’s Day November 2012, A Current Affair Channel 9 Australia, New Magazine UK and Take 5 2013.

She started advocating on social media as a means to educate a public who were not well versed in biological norm breastfeeding and the possibility that a mother and child could continue this mutual relationship.

She felt the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of breastfeed till 2 years or beyond, often limited women’s ideas that two is the longest time.

She feels that the recommendation should read:

Breastfeed your child to “natural term” which is generally between the ages of 4 and 8 years. This is normal.

Maha was a guest speaker in 2013 at the Australian Breastfeeding Association Conference Qld and spoke on her experiences in the media presenting natural term breastfeeding and the need for more exposure, images and education in this modern day on the benefits for mother and child as a possibility to present as choice for women.

She often shares the story that when she was 25 years of age in 1987 and a teacher at a primary school in Melbourne Australia they had a room dedicated to the mothers whom breastfed their 7 year olds at lunchtime. The mothers were welcomed in to the school, respected and never vilified!

“This was the society in which I grew up” Maha says.

In 2015 Maha was featured in 3 documentaries for Discovery Channel, RTL Germany and Inside Story Channel 9 Australia. (remove date).
She was also featured again in Woman’s Day Magazine Australia May 2015.

She accepts not all women want or can breastfeed to term and supports all women in making informed choices that are right for them and their baby and family.

Connect with Maha on her facebook page, Respect Nursing Breasts - CLICK HERE