Science of Mother and Baby

When it comes to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting I see that there has been a huge lean toward proving things scientifically and via evidence based knowledge. I, like many, am very interested in how science and evidence configures in our understanding of the birth and beyond field. It is […]

Curiousity and Harmonics As Birth Preparation

Curiousity and Harmonics as birth preparation. I have been teaching EmbodyBirth, a movement and energetic based childbirth education program, since 1997, using the principles of bellydancebirth as a platform of guidance to engage with ones inner wisdom and connection to baby. Creative exercises are also woven in and around and […]


Who is the expert in birth?

In the arena of pregnancy birth, breastfeeding and beyond I see an escalation in the suffocation of women’s body knowing. Why is this happening? From where is the Source? It is disturbing to see that medical authorities tend to have an unbridled law unto themselves where they feel it is […]