The earth is our mother

             A blog I wrote in May 2014
                                                             “the earth is our mother
                                                               we were born from her
                                                               she looks after us in every way”
Kanyini – A documentary made by Melanie Hogan  – tells the story of the destruction of the oldest civilization on Earth – 40,000 years- of Australian Indigenous culture told in one of the most spiritually compelling narratives I have ever seen…….the tears just flowed from me, like the tears of Mother Earth, as I listened to the narration – the poignant words of Tiilpi Bob Randall a Yankunytjatjara elder, traditional owner of Uluru (Ayers Rock),teacher, musician, story teller and former Indigenous Person Of The Year. He was born in 1934, his mother was Pitjantjatjara and his father a white station owner. He was taken from his mother at seven years of age – The Stolen Generation – and never saw her again. From 1910 – 1970 in Australia approx 50,000 children were taken from their mothers. A despicable crime.
He is a man that carries the entire Universe in his being – his words flow like a deep warm River of Spiritual Love, power and soulful abandon – he speaks with such clarity and wisdom. He is alluring, a truth teller, a man of such heart and Spirit. I hung on every word he spoke; it was like a medicine of healing for this Planet and he takes us to that place of belonging – to experience life as connection and deep love for one another. 
I have always asked the question “what is the purpose of Life” and I felt yesterday, the answer, like a soothing medicine from Bob’s exquisite sharing was given to me –
“the purpose of life is to be part of all that there is. Everything living is our family – the trees, the animals, the rivers. We are connected to everything and the proof of that is being alive! Alive – mentally, physically, psychically. You are never alone, you are one with everything …you are connected”
I loved the way he expressed our spirituality and our humanness and that everything is created in a perfect state so we can become part of it. I felt anger well up in me, watching and listening to how white man came in and slaughtered Aborigines and took children from their mothers. How the colonized and destroyed this beautiful Aboriginal Heart. The way they carved up the land, brought in animals and changed the whole ecology. The sentiments of Bob ring true on a macro level – that we are blinded to what we have and destroy thinking there is a better way – and in that demolition our hearts are being ripped from our Souls and we are left bereft of connection as the severance becomes a part of the norm. So so sad.
“the oldest culture living in Harmony with Mother Earth – with all things- pushed to extinction”
This film will put everything in to perspective – I feel you will have an enormous heart opening as you listen to Bob and dive in to the well of his knowledge and truth because what he shares we all know is the way of Love –
It made me feel that we Humans are being pushed into extinction – a severance from one another – for what?? 
Bob’s narrative affirmed to me that the work I do in birthing – to preserve the Mother/Baby connection is all a part of his teachings- we ALL feel it – we ALL know it deep inside –
What can I say – have a listen and watch – feel the emotions and I hope the resurrection of the healing time –
Here it is – enjoy xxxxx
To add today 26.5.14 is ‘National Sorry Day’ to Indigenous people’s mistreated of this land…….